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25 of the Best Blogging and Social Media Icon Sets

Icons are a favorite free resource of designers and bloggers. There are tons of quality, free icon sets out there and in this post we’ll feature 25 that are great for blog design. These icons sets include the types of icons that are great for use with blogs and social media.

Cute Blogging Icon Set

Cute Blogging Icon Set

  • juan iconshock

    great to see this works here, but this one is a must:

    check the reddit icon and think… uhmm, yes, van gogh inspired :)

  • Tanya

    Thats a great collection of blogging and social media icons. Thnx for sharing them with us :)

  • Oliver Cardiff

    Lots of great icons I could use here and so many good ones to choose from. I will bookmark this so I can come back to get the icon packs. Thanks for taking the time to share these with us.

  • Alex

    I socialbookmarked this post. Great resource. Thank you for collecting and sharing this.

  • wesley

    Some sets are pretty neat allthough I have to say that this list seems to be unchanged since a couple of months. I’m almost always on the look-out for new “top this” and “100+ greatest” kind of lists when it comes to resources but it seems I encounter the same icon-sets every time..
    Does anyone know some good icon resources? I’m pretty interrested to find out if there’s something new/fresh..

  • Amberly | Web Designer

    Thanks for the mega collection. You saved me a lots of time. ITs the mother of all Icon set.

    Blogging Icon Set looks great..

  • zohaib

    always looking for these great icons. Thanks for share :)

  • juan iconshock
  • Amy

    Thanks for sharing… I’m going to use some of the sticker ones.

  • Patrick Offczorz

    Thanks for the collection

  • JC

    Great roundup….tons of great social and blogging icons here. THX!

  • Christian Logan

    These are extremely cute icon sets you have collected and displayed here. I utterly enjoyed going through them.

  • PsdDude

    This list is very good ! Now the only problem is to decide which icon set to use :)

  • Flinn

    these r some really nice icons,thnx a lot for them.

  • The Marketing Manager

    These can seem useful but can demolish an image of the company. As everyone knows selected social media to be a certain way, some of these will be percieved as ‘cheap’.

    The Marketing Manager

  • vuitton

    really nice icons,thnx a lot for them.