Curated Branding & Custom Redesign stories shared online

With the popularity of blogging platforms like it’s now easier than ever to share stories of a company’s rebranding procedure. Not every company takes the time to do so, but readers are often more than interested to learn about the process.

A new website is a hand-curated list of redesign stories. The site includes some of the most popular recent efforts from companies like Google’s logo, Apple Music, Salesforce, and so many others.

ReDsgn includes more than just typical sites like Apple and Google.

You’ll also find stories of concept redesigns created by freelancers as portfolio pieces or spec work.

These can be just as interesting because while they aren’t implemented live, they often highlight issues with the current design that truly need to be solved.

Visit the ReDsgn homepage and skim through a few of the recent submissions. They can teach a lot and prove surprisingly helpful when looking for design inspiration.

ReDsgn redesign story website

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