Button connects commercs all around the web

A new startup named Button is meant to connect the growing app economy. Users can study their next action and partnerships can be formed across all venues of commerce.

As quoted directly from the Button website:

“Button is connecting the growing app economy to help users discover their next action, and help mobile businesses grow. Our Contextual Commerce technology surfaces relevant Buttons that drive real-world actions. This is the future of commerce and, with Buttons, our partners are making it a reality.”

Generally speaking this is an SDK for integrating purchases across multiple platforms. It’s primarily made for app designers who wish to integrate further e-commerce solutions branching many different websites.

You’ll earn a portion of the sales driven to larger outlets like Amazon or Airbnb. Commerce solutions are brought right to users which makes it all that much easier.

Take a look over the features page to get an idea of how this works.

You can also signup for a free account to get into the site and try the SDK on your own.


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