Create And Manage Your Website Like A Pro With These 20 Resources

There’s a high demand nowadays for web designers and developers who can claim to have experience in their field. With more and more companies eager to get their businesses online, it’s only natural that they’ll want to hire the best professionals available.

Luckily, there are a number of tools and services that have been designed in order to make web developer’s and designer’s lives easier by lightening the load. We’ve gathered up the best 20 we’ve found in our searches. Take a look.




When you’re designing and managing a website, information about the way visitors access it and interact with it is vital. This is why HotJar is such a valuable tool. With this tool you will be able to access all information about how visitors are using your website from one interface. Unlike its competition, HotJar offers a varied array of functionalities that are unified in one platform allowing you to gather and analyze any data you might need through a single service. All this information is securely stored in the cloud and available for you at all times. By making full use of all the information HotJar provides you, you will be able to improve you website’s UX and conversion rate easily. Amongst the features provided by HotJar you will find: heat maps to help you track the areas that draw the most attention from visitors; funnel and form analysis that will help you detect the exit points where your visitors usually leave your website; visitor session playback in order for you to get a first hand experience of the way your user interacts with the website and proactive chat in order to keep up with what your visitors are thinking. And all of this at a price plan that of only $29/month.



Giverz is a new website that aims to become one of your favorite places to stop by. What the team over at Giverz offers you is access to some of the sweetest giveaways available on the Internet by simply clicking a link you receive via email. Here’s how it works: you subscribe to the emailing list over at Giverz and let them know you’re interested in any giveaways that they will offer in the future. Giverz will take care to scout for the sweetest deals available at any time and they won’t shy away from shaking down some of the more reluctant service providers when they’re unsure whether they’d like to offer a giveaway or not. Then, as soon as they have all the details mapped out for their future campaign they’ll start spreading the buzz across social media (so be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter). Lastly, when the timer hits 0, all those in their mailing list will receive an email letting them know the giveaway is up for grabs and the fastest ones to click on the link they receive will be proclaimed the lucky receivers of the giveaway.



ZippyPixels was created by a team of web developers and graphic designers in order to help others in their community get access to a varied array of high quality resources at reasonable prices. All the items provided by ZippyPixels go through a quality assurance process so you’re guaranteed that you won’t be compromising anything on quality. ZippyPixels offer a wide variety of products from mockups, to templates, logos and more. You’ll also find that they have a healthy supply of bundles to offer. One of these bundles is The Grandé Bundle that offers 160 PSD Mockups to cover as many categories as you might need. Amongst the elegant, professional mockups that you’ll find in this bundle are mockups for stationery, devices, flyers, brochures, books and more. Head on over to ZippyPixel’s website and take a first hand look at all these amazing mockups and start thinking of all the ways in which you could use them.



Juggling millions of screenshots daily is not a pleasant task, but it is unfortunately one that most web and mobile application developers have to face. Luckily for them, ShrinkTheWeb is the application that will make their lives better by taking all that tedious manual work off their hands. By using ShrinkTheWeb you will be able to automatically capture, shrink, crop, save, upload and display beautiful screenshots by writing a single line of code or integrating an existing plugin. By automatizing this entire process, you will suddenly free up a big chunk of your time and be able to invest it into a more productive endeavor.  You can be sure that the results ShrinkTheWeb will offer you will be first rate, seeing as it is the most reliable website screenshot platform available. Along with its screenshot capabilities, ShrinkTheWeb also offers full-length previews, custom size previews, URL to PDF conversions, inside page previews and private label service, everything right at your fingertips straight from the ShrinkTheWeb platform.



Whenever you’re looking to buy something you need in the development process of your website, stop by DealFuel and you’re guaranteed to find the best deals on the Internet. DealFuel provides a wide variety of services and products that are aimed at web developers and designers. By browsing through DealFuel you will find anything you need starting with eCourses and ending with SEO and software tools. You’ll also find an extensive supply of WordPress themes and plugins that will suit your every need. There are also products for designers ranging from vectors, to textures and Photoshop actions.

DealFuel also has a Freebies section that will provide you with some of the best products you can find. To get all these wonderful deals to your inbox, you can subscribe to their daily dose of discounted deals on their website. DealFuel not only gets you fabulous discounts on premium products, but also gets you a premium membership program. If you subscribe to their premium Membership, you get exclusive gifts and additional discounts on their already discounted deals.



Having an active chat room in your website can be a definite plus as far as user experience goes. And if you’re looking for the best providers for chat rooms, you’re looking for RumbleTalk. The team over at RumbleTalk offers you elegant, flexible HTML5 chat rooms that are easy to integrate into your website and even easier to manage. You will have complete control over the look and feel of your chat room from the choice of embedding it into your website or using it as a floating toolbar, to choosing the theme that suits your business best. The users within the chat room have complete freedom to take discussions wherever they wish and a high level of interactivity by adding pictures and videos straight into the discussion. RumbleTalk is a company that aims to create a long lasting, fructuous business relationship with their customers, so don’t hesitate to contact them and let them know you’re interested in their offer.



Tackling the issue of cross-browser compatibility is something all web developers and designers must do at a certain stage of their projects. However, it’s not always the simplest of tasks to achieve. This is where BrowseEmAll comes in handy. By using BrowseEmAll you will be able to check your websites and make sure that they are fully compatible cross-browser faster and more efficiently that you ever have before. Having multiple browsers installed on your computer and checking your website on each and every one of them is a thing of the past. Now, by using the lightning speed desktop application that BrowseEmAll provides, you will have a variety of browsers at your disposal as well as mobile simulators that will help you track down and repair any compatibility issues your website might have. And that’s not all, through BrowseEmAll you will not only be able to see all the compatibility issues, you will also be able to optimize your website for mobile devices and test both local and raw HTML files in a matter of minutes.


8 is an eCommerce platform that makes it super easy to sell digital content like apps, games, eBooks and creative resources. At a cost of just 5% + $0.50 per sale, Paddle handles payments, file hosting & delivery, taxes and even bank chargebacks — leaving sellers to focus on creating awesome products.

All sellers automatically have access to a dashboard with sales stats, customer data and the ability to add/configure their products. What’s more, Paddle even handles customer support on behalf of their sellers which, again, let’s them concentrate on improving and growing their business.

With Paddle’s checkout, you can ensure customers have a seamless buying experience on your website since they’ll be able to pay on the same webpage, rather than being redirected to a dedicated store page. If you want to create an awesome buying experience for your website, check out Paddle today!



Offering your clients fully customizable email templates is a clear advantage when negotiating your fees. Unfortunately, if you’re aiming to create those templates on your own, it’s usually not worth the money. This is where the Stamplia Builder comes in. Using this editor you will be able to create professional email templates in half the time and with more visually pleasing results. The Stamplia Builder offers you a real time visualization mode that will help you see how your changes affect the overall effect instantly, a better image editor that will allow you to add logos and icons faster and easier and an end result that will automatically look great across devices. What’s more, all templates created with the Stamplia Builder editor export automatically into the most popular email providers around, like CampaignMonitor, SendGrid and MailChimp. And more good news for developers, by creating a template that is fully compatible with the Stamplia Builder you will be eligible to be promoted amongst the clients of the aforementioned email providers.

Web Starter Kit


If you’re looking to create a web site that will be compatible across multiple devices, the Web Starter Kit is the perfect tool to help you. Within this tool you will have everything you need in order to start your project and ensure that you’re following the Web Fundamentals guidelines. Amongst the features the Web Starter Kit has to offer you’ll find: living component style guide, multi-device responsive boilerplate, performance optimization tools, a built in HTTP server, Sass support and more.

Opinion Stage

Having a poll on your website could translate in the long run in a better connection with your visitors, seeing as you are offering them the opportunity to share their opinion and see what others are thinking. Naturally, you would only want the best you can offer on your page and this is where Opinion Stage comes is. Opinion stage is the best polling service you’ll find for miles. By offering you a rich reporting dashboard where you can have a complete overview over all of the results gathered from the polls within your website, Opinion Stage gives you quick access to all the information provided by your visitors. The best part about using polls from Opinion Stage is that you can get them up and running on your website in under 5 minutes. Even better, the polls from Opinion Stage are completely customizable and offer you the option of monetizing them by adding advertisements or promoting other polls from within the Opinion Stage network.

WPEka Club


WPEka Club is a place where you’ll find over 60 premium WordPress Themes and Plugins and this number is steadily rising each week. You can browse through their collection and see for yourself that they have themes for all your requirements, be it for a business website, a review website or an awesome online portfolio. Also, if you’re looking for plugins for your website, their offer includes products from categories like SEO, Social Media, AdSense, Advertising, Auction and many more. An all-inclusive plan at WPEka Club starts off at $27 a month and considering all the cool things you’ll have access to, trust us, it’s a bargain. As part of your membership, you will have access to all the current products on offer, all the new releases that are released while your membership is active and great product support. The team over at WPEka Club have promised at least 4 each new products each month. So head on over to WPEka Club right now and get your dose of all the WordPress awesomeness.




Luvly is a premium digital marketplace that aims to supply all your graphic needs. With a varied array of products available for purchase, Luvly tries to help you on your way to creating beautiful artistry either for your website or for others, because Luvly also encourages talented individuals to use the tools provided on the marketplace to aid them in their craft. Browsing through Luvly you are guaranteed to find anything you need from Blogger and WordPress templates, to Facebook banners and mockups and even baby shower invitations and DYI projects. You can rest assured that anything you find on Luvly marketplace has undergone a through screening process that assessed both the quality and the practicality of the product before allowing it online. What’s more, the team over at Luvly is invested in growing alongside its community of designers and developers so they are constantly keeping them engaged by organizing interactive workshops, classes and tutorials.




Creating your own online store has never been as easy as CloudCart is making it nowadays. By using CloudCart you won’t have to worry about anything other than the content of your website and that the products you are selling are always in stock. CloudCart will take care of all the rest starting with professional design of your pages, secure hosting, integrated live chat, international payments and even 24/7 support to aid you with any issues that you might have. What’s more, CloudCart takes care of promoting your website through a variety of social media so you can be sure that as soon as you store comes online, you will have visitors itching to buy. And because CloudCart is such an amazing tool, your customers will be able to purchase anything and benefit from a 1-page checkout and you will be ready to process their orders through Integrated Payments and a full Delivery and tax calculator the instant you take your page online.



BrowserShots is a tool that will allow you to see how your website looks across a very wide variety of browsers. In order to use BrowserShots all you have to do is enter you website’s URL, check the browsers you want to view it in and hit submit. Then, BrowserShots will automatically load a snapshot of how your website looks on each browser you’ve checked.




JQuery has undoubtedly become one of the most popular programming languages among web developers. This is why it’s so important for its documentation to be as easy to access as possible. jQAPI takes care of all of that, allowing developers to have an alternative documentation browser for JQuery that they can use both online and offline.

New Relic


New Relic is the perfect tool to acquire information about the performance of your websites. All the data you need is gathered up by New Relic and offered to you in the form of reports and analysis that will help you make an informed decision about the future of your website and how to increase its performance.

Inspiration Hut Downloads Archive


Inspiration Hut is a website that aims to gather as many creative downloads as possible and offer them up for all creative individuals who are in need of them. The team over at Inspiration Hut searches the web for the best resources available and compiles them to their collection in order for you to have easier access to them. Amongst the categories of products they offer you’ll find print templates, textures, themes, web design graphics, mockups and more. You can rest assured that Inspiration Hut has made no allowances as far as quality is concerned, all products that are available on their website are guaranteed to be first rate. In addition to this, web developers and designers are invited to submit their own work to Inspiration Hut and help enlarge the archive with beautiful resources that can be both free and premium. By adding your work to the repository over at Inspiration Hut you are sure to get recognition from your peers for your hard work.



All the information gathered up by Google Analytics can now be found in one place by using OOcharts. All you have to do is connect your Google profile and make an API Key for your site and you’re good to go. With OOcharts you will have access to caches of all your requests, so reports you’ve already asked for once will be processed faster the second time and all the requests that would normally exceed the Google Analytics API limits will be queued in with OOcharts and available for you.



Fiddler is a debugging proxy that is compatible with all browsers, systems and platform. By using Fiddler you will be able to test the security of your website, easily manipulate and edit web sessions, log all HTTP(s) traffic between your computer and the Internet and benefit from its rich extensibility model. Whatever your debugging needs may be, Fiddler is more than equipped to deal with all of them.


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