Effective Pricing Tables

by Brady Nord

July 29, 2010 in design Resources

Finally, you’ve done it. You’ve successfully persuaded your visitor to close the deal. Now it’s time for the hard close.

We all know how important the layout of your sites homepage is, or the product details page but what about the pricing table? No one ever talks about that, when really it’s such a vital part of a websites sales funnel.

The real tricky part is the strategic thinking behind it. You need to make the entry version bare bones and not give away too much, yet you still need to show your clients the value of the product. It takes clever thinking and also a visually captivating pricing page. I’ve come up with a select few sites that have perfected the art of the pricing table. Use this as inspiration to create that perfect pricing page or update your current one to increase the conversion rate on your site.

They’ve got it nailed down…



Crazy Egg

Expression Engine

Mail Chimp

Mailer Mailer

Media Temple


Square Space


Author Bio: I am a 26 year old internet entrepreneur and co-founder of Mojo-Themes.com. In addition, I have been involved with custom design and development for the past 6 years out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Feel free to contact me on twitter and let me know your thoughts or just say hi! @bradynord

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About Brady Nord

Co-founder of Mojo-Themes.com

  • Agents of Design

    Jul 29th

    Great article with some really nice examples!

    We did a similar post a little while back that has a few examples not listed here:

  • Luke Jones

    Jul 29th

    These are some great looking pricing tables. I was working with a client recently whose site had a ripped off version of the CrazyEgg pricing table. Naughty naughty!!

  • Anon

    Jul 29th

    Oh goody, yet another list of pricing tables – because we haven’t seen pretty much all of these before on other lists all over web design blogs.

    I wonder if this comment will make it through moderation?

  • Chase Moody

    Jul 29th

    Those are some good looking pricing tables. I would be really curious to see stats on the ones that highlight a specific product. For example on Basecamp it has highlighted Plus which isnt the best product but I wonder if it sells better than the Max or if it keeps people from purchasing basic.

    Another interesting note is that CrazyEgg and Basecamp put their products in a similar order(Best – Worst) and highlight the one step up from basic.

  • Brant Wilson

    Jul 29th

    @Anon, I am happy to post your comments even if you don’t like the content :)

  • Neil Asher Scam

    Jul 30th

    I really liked examples mentioned, create influence !!!

  • Grafik Komputerowy

    Jul 30th

    Who would tell… pricing tables can look good and stylish

  • sawgrassshack10

    Jul 31st

    The purpose of tables and figures is to report data too numerous or complicated to be
    described adequately in the text and/or to reveal trends or patterns in the data. Tables
    and figures are critical. If readers go beyond the abstract, they are likely to examine the
    tables and figures next.

  • LV

    Aug 1st

    Another interesting note is that CrazyEgg and Basecamp put their products in a similar order(Best – Worst) and highlight the one step up from basic.

  • vertical roller mill

    Sep 1st

    Yes, every product in my website has a table.

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  • Graha nurdian

    Sep 27th

    Well the trick of putting a big box or highlighting 1 step above the standard package maybe increase visibility and willingness to choose that package :)

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    Apr 19th

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    Thanks for sharing

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    May 19th

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  • Abhishek

    Jun 23rd

    These are some great looking tables
    thanks :)

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