Here are the Best Tools and Resources of 2015

There’s little doubt that the Internet has become a big part of our lives. We have grown accustomed to finding most of the information we need online and spend a fair amount of our time browsing various websites. Due to these facts, web development, as well as graphic and web design are currently booming industries with numerous tools and resources dedicated to professionals in the field.
Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find the most adequate tools and resources available. This is why we thought we’d lend a helping hand and gather up the best ones we’ve come across so far and let you know a little about them.
1. Stamplia


Are you looking for a marketplace where you can publish your designs and make a steady revenue while you focus on exploring your creativity and honing your skills? Then you’re looking for Stamplia. Stamplia launched in 2013 and has since gathered over 6,000 collaborators from across the world. By selling your work through this marketplace, you’re spared the hassle of finding clients and you’re free to concentrate on creating templates that you enjoy. To that end Stamplia also offers you access to the Stamplia Builder. This tool allows you to create elegant, professional email templates easier than ever before. You can add elements to your design by using drag and drop, see the changes with the live previewer and then export your work straight into some of the most popular email providers available (like Mailchimp, SendGrid or Campaign Monitor). The builder will also take care to make your template fully responsive. Sign up for Stamplia right now and start creating your templates with the Stamplia Builder, either by using the web app or the desktop application.

2. Notism


Notism will help you take your creative work to a whole new level. Whether you work in design, advertising, media, entertainment, technology or architecture, this design and video collaboration platform will enable you to present your projects and get meaningful feedback in the blink of an eye. This tool is ideal for teams because all the members will be able to track progress, communicate and finish their projects ahead of time. You can say goodbye to messy layouts and welcome neatness and seamless organization in your work. What else does Notism have to offer? As a user, you’ll be able to share, review and sign-off visual content, communicate your feedback via notes or even sketches right on the uploaded project and upload several versions of videos with the possibility to switch back and forth between them. Leave it to Notism to keep you posted on the latest news with their awesome notification system.

3. Fire Checkout


The best way to increase conversion rates for your Magento powered website is to use the Fire Checkout 2 module. This will give you a simple one step checkout page and an improved checkout success page that are sure to keep your customers happy. Fire Checkout is an extension for Magento that will improve user experience for your website and keep your clients coming back. Fire Checkout supports the most popular payment and shipping modules like PayPal, Purchase Order, Google Checkout, ePay, Payone, TNT, Fedex, DHL and more. It also offers integration with third-part developers like uGiftCert, CraftyClicks or EU VAT Grouper. You will be able to customize your checkout fields by adding up to 5 custom ones in which you are free to add your content and you can include them in your order emails, PDF invoices or custom order view. There’s really no limit to how much Fire Checkout can improve your website.

4. Pintastic – The Pinboard Social network script


Pintastic is a cloning Pinterest script that somehow manages to have a little something for everyone. It has an unique, responsive design that makes it memorable, an improved smart search engine, social networks integration, infinite scrolling, smart pin browsing, unlimited public, shared and private boards, all to make sure your users have the best possible user experience. On the other hand, it offers website owners a built-in email notifications manager, a SEO-centered system, multi-language support and unlimited marketing potential. With Pintastic you will be able to create a system of featured and VIP pins as well as Power User privileges and banner ads that will help you monetize your traffic. What’s more, you can even extend Pintastic by creating a marketplace for users to buy and sell their items. The latest release from Pintastic, Pintastic 4.0, benefits fully from the experience that the team has gained over time and provides you with a stable, reliable solution for your business.

5. IconBeast


IconBeast Pro is a collection of vector icons and symbols that does justice to its name. Not only are the icons optimized for iOS app development, but you can also use them for Android devices or any other type of web development project. This is the ultimate package of over 3000 iOS Tab Bar and Toolbar Icons that are ready to use and guaranteed to be pixel-perfect, as they were designed and engineered in grid. You can also customize icons by using vector files (EPS and AI) and the appropriate software (Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw or Inkscape) and you can resize vector graphics to any size. You’re free to use the icons you’ve modified to your heart’s content: in apps, websites, 3D software, printings, banners and the list could go on. The formats offered by IconBeast are PNG (in three sizes: 30px * 30px, 60px * 60px,90px * 90px), Vector AI, Vector EPS, SVG and PSD. The PNG also comes in three colours, namely black, grey and blue. Moreover, you will have access to icons in active state, as well as to 500 completely free iOS Tab Bar Icons! IconBeast will provide you with over forty sets of icons with different profiles, for example for business and finance, map and streets, software tools and interfaces, sports and recreational, human pictograms and many more.

6. Getsy – The Multi Vendor Marketplace Script


If you’re looking to create your own multi vendor platform, then you’re in the market for Getsy. This PHP marketplace script is the most popular Etsy clone script available online at the moment. You will be able to install, setup and manage your website easily and start earning money right away. Getsy will offer you a fully responsive website that will look great on any mobile platform and functionalities that will enable your users to easily socialize with each other, create stores, buy or sell items and rate the sellers or buyers they come in contact with. What’s more, Getsy will offer you an impressive array of features that will help you run a top of the line marketplace. Some of these features are PayPal integration, a facility for managing groups and permissions for your website easily, a built-in service cart, multi language support, multiple shipping options and much more.

7. Argento Template


If you’re running a website on the Magento platform and looking for ways to make it better, you need Argento. This time-tested template will offer you more than 15 of the most popular extensions on the Magento platform and allow you to make your website look amazing. With Argento you get full creative control over your website. You will be able to easily manage banners, pop-up windows, custom blocks and the Nivo slider that comes with the template. What’s more, you will be able to override your CSS styles, template and layout files, and create themes and subthemes without modifying any of the template’s core files. In addition to this, Argento was designed to be responsive and optimized for speed. It features retina screen optimization, and CSS sprite techniques that will make it run seamlessly on any mobile device. With Argento you will be able to improve your website’s SEO ranking easily. Get Argento right now and enjoy one month of free outstanding support and free theme installation.

8. actiTIME


actiTIME is a nice-looking and user-friendly software that will help you track time in a convenient timesheet. Today actiTIME is used and loved by over 9000 businesses worldwide, it perfectly works for both big and small companies, plus there is an absolutely free version for small teams. Besides its primary time-tracking feature, actiTIME lets you handle overtime and undertime balances, verify the work of contractors, gather necessary data with the help of powerful reports and organize work efficiently with task deadlines and personal performance information. Automated email notifications   efficiently control time reporting processes and remind users about upcoming deadlines or worked-out estimates.. actiTIME offers two different installation options that will meet any requirement. It’s up to you whether you choose to download actiTIME on your computer, or use the online service.

9. actiPLANS


If planning and organizing things isn’t your forte, actiPLANS will be the right hand here for you. This cloud software will transform managing leave requests into an easy and pleasant process. You can say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and red tape. With the help of leave time charts, flexible approval rules, automated PTO accruals and multiple notifications you’ll be able to save a lot of time and effort while managing employees’ attendance. actiPLANS offers a great way of tracking how much time off an employee has used and how much he has left. With the help of this software you will always know who is on vacation this week, how many days of sick leave an employee took this year or who is abusing the company’s time-off policies. actiPLANS will effortlessly mold to your specific needs by giving you the option to create an unlimited number of custom leave types with as many rules and settings as you might need.

10. PowerMockup


PowerMockup is one of the most useful add-ons for Microsoft PowerPoint out there. It will turn PowerPoint into a wireframe tool for prototyping web, mobile and desktop apps. This library contains hundreds of shapes for UI controls and icons. It is available for Microsoft Office users and it adds a library pane to the right side of the PowerPoint window. From here on it’s easy to get to work: simply drag and drop controls in a PowerPoint slide to create a wireframe layout. The Shared Shape library feature enables team members to set up a shape library that is stored online on the PowerMockup servers, which multiple users can access. Offering hundreds of templates for user interface controls and icons and setting up wireframes with PowerMockup has never been this easy. The quick search, the drag and drop feature, the custom shapes and smart shapes make using this add-on a piece of cake.




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