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Everyone’s been there. You set up a website for a small business and after a sudden burst of traffic from Reddit or Slashdot the site becomes temporarily unavailable. All the visitors interested in your content are left with a blank screen and an impersonal message which politely informs them that the server had to take five. It’s a nightmare.

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Scalability and Storage

What your websites’ need is a grid-based infrastructure. Media Temple yields the most interesting grid hosting plan for portfolio, blog, or just about any type of website out there. The Grid (by Media Temple) never even goes down for maintenance. It has automatic database scalability ensured by the Auto-Scaling My SQL system, 2,000 Grid Performance Units, an average 1TB short-path bandwidth, 100 GB storage, 1000 email addresses capacity, and the ability to host up to 100 websites. In addition, you need to know that the supported versions of LAMP software are as follows: PHP 5, Perl v5.8.4, Python v2.4.4, Apache 2.0.54, and MySQL 5.1.26.


Top-notch Security

When it comes to safety they don’t fool around. Apart from their expert security team who tracks down weak spots to patch them up and provide updates in the background on a regular basis, Media Temple features the Cloudmark spam detection, and CloudFlare with Railgun that improves and protects your websites – free of charge (these services would normally retail for $200).



Accesible Control Panel

If you’re on the move, it’s possible to manage hosting over an iPhone. Once you’ve accessed the Account Center, there are a number of things you can get done very fast, namely: follow up on billing, manage databases, add domains and applications, or manage email users.


There are several applications you can equip through the AccountCenter with 1-Click Installation including: WordPress, Drupal Zen Cart, and many more applications are supported via average installation. WebMail is assigned a separate cluster of servers, so your correspondence is never in peril of being interrupted. Besides, with the recent introduction of uControl, your customers can manage their own accounts.


It’s alright to further resell your Grid space if you only perform routine maintenance for your websites, and provide clients with email, and FTP and SSH access. However, Media Temple kindly reminds us that the Grid service wasn’t typically designed for this, and there is no separate control panel access for your clients.


Customer support is available 24/7 by phone, chat, online ticketing system or Twitter. And the CloudTech Premium Support On-Demand service offers 20 additional optimization solutions that you can request at any time.



Convenient Pricing

With an anytime-money-back guarantee, it’s only $20 per month to activate the Media Temple Grid service, and registering a new domain will cost you a discounted $5 in the first year and $12 in subsequent years. Another piece of information you ought to get is that, in the instance where your traffic pushes over the bandwidth limit, you get a charge rate of $0.15 per GB, and more GPUs are pay-as-you-go-available.

Overall, Media Temple’s Grid web hosting service is worth giving a shot. Recently I switched my entire network of design and development blogs over and documented the experience in the post Move Website Hosting: The Story of my Recent Move to Media Temple. I’m also pleased to announce that all readers are being offered a discount of 20% off for the life of their account. See the post Media Temple Coupon Code – 20% off for more details. Finally, if you are on the fence about switching over please consider our post Best Web Hosting: Why We Choose Media Temple.




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