450+ Adobe Illustrator Patterns

by Steven Snell

August 27, 2013 in Resources

The Adobe Creative Suite has to be one of the more popular design packages. Illustrator is specifically a great tool for any project including website layouts, vector art, illustrations, logos, and so much more. One resource many designers utilize are patterns for backgrounds.

Repeating patterns are often more popular in websites to fill the whole screen at any resolution. Similarly patterns can be placed into posters and other print artwork. And this collection includes over 450 various design patterns you are free to download. Some bulk packs include multiple patterns which you can download all at once.

Pattern Packs

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5 Seamless Vector Patterns (5 patterns)

seamless vector pattern seamless freebies

Impressive Polka Dots (53 patterns)

polka dots patterns colorburned freebie

Argyle Pattern Swatches (50 patterns)

astonishing argyle pattern freebie download

Woven Plaid Swatches (25 patterns)

woven plaid swatches freebie patterns

Valentine’s Day Hearts (10 patterns)

10 freebie patterns hearts icons valentines day

Seamless Plaid Patterns (10 patterns)

colorful plaid patterns freebie illustrator download

Halftones (52 patterns)

52 open source free halftone patterns illustrator

Ocean Waves Pack (20 patterns)

20 patterns ocean waves download pack

1920s Wave Pack (20 patterns)

free 1920s wave pattern pack illustrator

Iris Pack (20 patterns)

iris flowers pack pattern design illustrator

Cherry Tree Pack (20 patterns)

cherry tree patterns pack freebie

Ginko Leaves Pack (20 patterns)

ginko leaves pattern freebie pack

FudgeGraphics Pack #1 (20 patterns)

original fudgegraphics patterns illustrator free

FudgeGraphics Pack #2 (20 patterns)

fudge graphics patterns pack download

Seamless Vectors (10 patterns)

10 r2010 deviantart freebie illustrator patterns

Vector Swatches (8 patterns)

freebie vecto retro patterns abstract shapes

Various Swatches (20 patterns)

vecteezy big vectors pack freebie swatches

Free Flowers (5 patterns)

free flowers patterns download illustrator

Open Space Stars (5 patterns)

patterns open free download illustrator space stars

Scratch and Dirt (6 patterns)

scratch dirt dark patterns freebie illustrator

Helvetica ABC (3 patterns)

helvetica pattern abc repeat typography illustrator

Autumn Leaves (3 patterns)

vector pattern repeat illustrator leaves

Abstract Gears (3 patterns)

abstract gear mechanics illustrator pattern freebie

Gears and Cogs (3 patterns)

gears cogs free illustrator patterns download

Geometric Links (3 patterns)

geometric links pattern illustrator vectorfreebie

Retro Vectors Pack #1 (4 patterns)

vintage patterns illustrator vector freebie

Retro Vectors Pack #2 (4 patterns)

retro vector patterns repeat illustrator

Retro Vectors Pack #3 (4 patterns)

retro vintage patterns pack illustrator

Classic Vintage (7 patterns)

vintage retro patterns illustrator vectors freebie

Ribbon Dancer (6 patterns)

patterns one ribbon dancer pack freebie

Singular Patterns

Fifties Wallpaper

retro vintage 1950s wallpaper design freebie

Damask PSD/AI

damask dark psd ai illustrator pattern

Victorian Damask PSD/AI

freebie psd ai vector pattern damask blue victorian

Vogue Girls

vogue girls pattern retro seamless

Seamless Diamonds

classic tiled diamond pattern vector freebie

Aztec Pattern

light pattern triangles free download vectors

Floral Pattern

calcyum floral pattern freebie download

Bright Blue Tiles

sample freebie bright blue tile download

Luggage Vector Pattern

freebie luggage suit cases pattern vectors illustrator

Tornado in Town

tornado in town vectors abstract patterns


purple experiment pattern onomonopeea artist vectors

Classic Pattern

classic standard freebie vector pattern calcyum

Ornate Wallpaper

ornate wallpaper freebie pattern download

Perforated Metal

perforated holes metal vector freebie pattern illustrator


freebie vector pattern sugar sprinkles food donut

If you’re looking for more information about creating your own patterns, see Bittbox’s post The Power (and Ease) of Patterns in Illustrator.

For more Illustrator resources at DesignM.ag see:

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