25 jQuery Plugins for Navigation

by Steven Snell

February 16, 2009 in Resources

A few weeks ago we featured 25 jQuery Tutorials for Improved Navigation Menus. Today we’ll take a look at more jQuery options for navigation, this time focusing on plugins that you can use in your own work.

Update: We have a more recent post on jQuery plugins you might want to check out.

Top jQuery Slider Plugins for Frontend Developers

Accordion Menu Script

jQuery Navigation Plugin

jQuery (mb)Menu

jQuery Navigation Plugin

SuckerFish Style

jQuery Navigation Plugin

Simple jQuery Accordion Menu

jQuery Navigation Plugin


jQuery Navigation Plugin

jQuery Multi Level CSS Menu #1

jQuery Navigation Plugin

jQuery Multi Level CSS Menu #2

jQuery Navigation Plugin

jQuery Simple Drop Down Menu

jQuery Navigation Plugin

Simple Horizontal Accordion Plugin

jQuery Navigation Plugin

jQuery UI Tabs

jQuery Navigation Plugin

BDC Drilldown Menu (iPod Style)

jQuery Navigation Plugin


jQuery Navigation Plugin


jQuery Navigation Plugin

jQuery ListNav

jQuery Navigation Plugin

Slide Subnav

jQuery Navigation Plugin


jQuery Navigation Plugin


jQuery Navigation Plugin

Sliding Menu

jQuery Navigation Plugin

jQuery Full Width Navigation

jQuery Navigation Plugin

jdMenu Hierarchical Menu Plugin for jQuery

jQuery Navigation Plugin


jQuery Navigation Plugin

jQuery Nested Tabs

jQuery Navigation Plugin

FastFind Menu

jQuery Navigation Plugin

jQuery Pager

jQuery Navigation Plugin

jQuery Pagination

jQuery Navigation Plugin

For more resources, please see:

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  • Raymond Selda

    Feb 17th

    Nice collection. I think I’ve used JQuery UI Tabs before. I’m not really that good with Javascript so having JQuery and the plug-ins is a real lifesaver.

    Thank you for this post.

  • Jan Jarfalk

    Feb 17th

    Both when I wanted a Tab plugin and an Accordion plugin I wasn’t happy with what I found on the web. I found them all to heavy, byte wise, and to bloated with functionality I would never use.

    So I created my own plugins – Tabify and Accordion. Both doesn’t feature as much functionality as other script, but if you want something lightweight I think they are the way to go.

    Tabify: http://www.unwrongest.com/projects/tabify/
    Accordion: http://www.unwrongest.com/projects/accordion/

  • Thomas

    Feb 17th

    Great list, thanks. I love coda-slider

  • clickblog.org

    Feb 17th

    Your post worked for me. I read it the whole through! thanks.!!

  • Patternhead

    Feb 17th

    Wow, fantastic list, thanks for sharing.

  • Alex Cristache

    Feb 17th

    This is a nice collection Steven, thank you!

  • joyoge designers' bookmark

    Feb 17th

    nice menu plugins collection thanks..

  • Fred Wu

    Feb 17th

    Thanks for the nice collection!

    Apart from the ‘traditional’ navigation methods, there is also endless (or infinite) scroll which is now gaining more and more attention. :)



  • Jason Bartholme

    Feb 18th

    Great stuff Steven! I’ve been working on a few projects that use jQuery and this will come in handy when I get to the UI.

  • AthenaEmily

    Feb 18th

    Very useful! Thanks a lot got this list. Been digging into some of these techniques lately

  • Todd Parker

    Feb 22nd

    The official jQuery UI tab component is worth checking out, especially because it’s easily skinnable with the ThemeRoller app and their new CSS framework:

  • Andy Towler

    Feb 24th

    Hey, thanks for posting. There are quite a few here that I hadn’t come across. Well played.

  • Patrick H. Lauke

    Feb 24th

    just a shame that the vast majority of those plugins (or at least their demo pages) aren’t even doing basic keyboard access and just rely on mouse interaction…

  • Amber Weinberg

    Feb 25th

    I’ll be using some of these today ;)

  • kadir

    Feb 26th

    excellent collection thank you

  • trendbender

    Mar 22nd

    great list, a lot of thx

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    May 26th

    It is very nice jQuery plugins for navigation. I am use it on my blog in future. Thanks a lot!

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    Jun 8th

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    Sep 4th

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  • mahgob

    Oct 13th

    I have came across this simple tabs article with working demo which works absolutely perfect. All you do is add contents and link for each tab in html you do not need to add/modify ids or scripts.It just manages everything dynamically.

    here is the link

    please give it a try and share the great jquery plugins

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    Dec 23rd

    Great compilation! I also like these jquery menus : http://apycom.com/menus/1-deep-sky-blue.html

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    Jan 27th

    really a gr8 collection.Thanx for sharing….

  • Katherine

    Apr 29th

    thnx! great list.

    Do you know AllWebMenus? you might want to consider them for your list.

    With the program, you can create cross-browser, great looking DHTML/JavaScript menus of all sorts (sliding, drop down, floating, dynamic, etc.). They also have jQuery based products (modal windows, web tooltips. etc.).

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  • Aamir Afridi

    May 5th

    If anybody is looking for scrollable tabs (having many tabs in fixed width container) than try http://jquery.aamirafridi.com/jst

  • Zach

    May 7th

    I have tried most of them but there is a few i missed. Soon i hope!

    ps. great collection!

  • Katy Zaniboni

    Jun 27th

    Hi, that seems to be realistic. As I am in hurry I will get back to it on wednesday and throw in my 5cent. Hope it will help. Seen you soon!

  • Brian

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  • Matt Null

    Aug 12th

    Here is a plugin that creates forms for you and also handles validation http://mattnull.com/formation

  • lv

    Aug 14th

    Seen you soon!

  • Christine

    Aug 17th

    Great List – thanks.

  • Aman

    Aug 21st


    Very helpful Plugins List.I have also jquery tutorial Plugins in jquery13.

    Amandeep mann

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  • LxC BLOG

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    I have created and shared a JQuery Horizontal Slider.
    Check it out http://lxcblog.com/2010/10/14/jquery-horizontal-slider-sliding-doors-tabs/
    Let me know if you like it.


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