Must Have Dark Textures Pack for Designers

by Kawsar Ali

July 7, 2010 in Resources

Dark design is always appealing to the viewers whether you are creating a website or poster design. Adding dark textures can take your design to next level because textures always makes your design pop and aesthetic. In this post we have collected some of the best dark textures packs on the web. In total there are more than 50 textures included in the post.

Here are the beautiful textures. Most of them free to use without any obligation , but if you want to be sure check the sources.

6 Large Dark Grunge Textures

Dark Textures Pack

8 Tileable Dark Wood Texture Patterns

High Res Grunge Dark Texture Pack

Dirty Lights Texture Pack

A Dark Texture Set

4 Dark Textures

Dark Blue Rust Textures

Katibear-Stock Texture Pack

Tileable Stone, Pavement, and Marble Textures

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  • Brian Jones

    Jul 7th

    Nice! Thank you for sharing.

  • Jae Xavier

    Jul 7th

    Nice must-haves for 3D modeling + texturing. Thanks!

  • Dsign Buzz

    Jul 7th

    Very nice collection, you can never have enough textures

  • Conrad

    Jul 7th

    I have a couple free textures available on my website:

    I know how hard it is for you kids and your fancy computer skills.

  • Franco

    Jul 7th

    Awesome collection, nice textures. Thanks!!!!

  • Talasan Nicholson

    Jul 7th

    Thanks for the collaboration. Looks good. :)

  • Devlin

    Jul 7th

    Sweet collection, thanks for posting! Kyle Cooper would love these.

  • Erik

    Jul 7th

    I miss seeing these design element posts, nice collection. We posted some free black backgrounds and wallpapers here at NewSchoolMagazine as well.

  • Jennifer R

    Jul 7th

    I love Dark Wood Texture Patterns, it’s very good for premium wordpress theme

  • Xcellence IT

    Jul 8th

    Must have for creative designers….

  • Jan Knutsen

    Jul 8th

    Excellent textures, very useful thank you. Keep up the nice work.
    177 more free textures here:

  • code pixelz media

    Jul 8th

    very good. I like the way you present your content

  • san

    Jul 8th

    nice textures. thanks for posting

  • Kien

    Jul 8th

    awesome dark textures, ty!

  • Paradise Planet

    Jul 8th

    Awesome textures… Thanks a ton… i’ve downloaded my copy :)

  • flipscyde industries

    Jul 8th

    right on, right on! perfect timing on this one… needed dark for a project & just didn’t quite have what I needed. I see some here I definitely don’t have though… much appreciated!

  • Rob House

    Jul 8th

    The text hyperlink for “8 Tileable Dark Wood Texture Patterns” points to the “Dark Textures Pack” instead. Hyperlink on the image work great though…

  • Bretton MacLean

    Jul 8th

    Great resource – thanks for sharing!

    (The “8 Tileable Dark Wood Texture Patterns” link should point to )

  • FaviconService

    Jul 8th

    Nice textures, will use them for my pixel work :)

  • @enlosmedios

    Jul 8th

    Nice, thanks for posting!

  • Agi

    Jul 9th

    nice textures, thanks for sharing!

  • paul

    Jul 13th

    Wow some great textures here, thank u :) Maybe you can look at Professional Photoshop Patterns you CAN’T be Missing also –

  • doris

    Jul 14th

    Awesome textures… Thanks a ton… i’ve downloaded my copy

  • Koje

    Jul 15th

    Wow, this will become my inspiration in the next time.
    thanks you :)

  • Kawsar Ali

    Jul 17th

    @Bretton MacLean
    Fixed! Thanks for the heads up

  • HDR Textures

    Aug 4th

    Dirty lights is my favorite texture pack of the group. Nice post!

  • vuitton

    Aug 15th

    Loved it.

    company logo design


    Aug 28th

    Great resources to add to my arsenal…thank you!

  • suzie

    Sep 8th

    exactly what i was looking for. mucho thanks :)

  • Good Web Design

    Jan 2nd

    Great stuff! Downloaded a couple of them can’t wait to use them in some grungy design. Cheers

  • patrvillaruz

    Mar 16th

    must have this! :)
    thanks for sharing.. :)

  • @Designabsolu

    May 1st

    Thanks for sharing !
    Really useful.

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