10 Excellent Options for Managing To-Do Lists Online

by Steven Snell

August 17, 2009 in Resources

Most designers have a lot of different things going on all at once. There are multiple projects that need attention, deadlines that must be met, and there are always personal tasks that have to be done as well. Fortunately, there are a number of resources to help you with managing these tasks. In this post we’ll feature 10 of the best options, and 14 alternatives are also listed at the end.

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is a free to-do list manager that offers a number of features, including use of a map to locate your tasks, sharing your tasks with others, and the ability to search your tasks. It’s also available for the iPhone.

Remember the Milk

Ta-da Lists

Ta-da Lists is a free to-do list manager from 37signals. Ta-da Lists prioritizes simplicity. You can quickly create a list and add new items. Your lists will have RSS feeds that you can use to keep track of the items on the list.

Ta-da Lists


Vitalist allows you to create projects and contexts to organize your task lists. There is a free account with a limited number of projects, contexts and contacts, or you can upgrade for more.



Gubb is a free to-do list manager with a lot of features. It is accessible via mobile phones, lists can be emailed to yourself or to others, lists can also be sent via text message, tasks can be dragged and dropped, and much more.



Jott is a bit different than most of the other options. With Jott Assistant and Jott Salesforce you call a number, speak your notes, and Jott will convert it to text. It is well integrated with mobile phones and Outlook. Pricing is $3.95 per month for a basic plan or $12.95 per month for Jott Pro. A pay-as-you-go plan is also available.



HiTask is free but offers a premium plan with added features like unlimited tasks, no ads, and support. The free version is accessible by mobile phone, and allows you to assign and tag tasks.



Tweeto is a free option that features a simple interface. It allows you to email your lists, tag and organize your tasks, and can be used offline via AJAX (you can load Tweeto while you are connected, disconnect, and leave the browser open).



Done-zo is a free, simple option. If you have a Google account you won’t even need to sign up with Done-zo. You can quickly add new tasks and sort and filter them by task, context and due date.



Todoist is a simple and free option for managing to-do lists. It offers features like Gmail integration and mobile access.



Toodledo is a free to-do list manager that allows you to use folders, subtasks, priorities, contexts, and goals to organize your tasks. It’s also available for mobile phones. The collaboration tools allow you to share your items with other users.


14 Other To-Do List Options:

What’s Your Experience?

If you have ever used one of these resources (or something else), feel free to share your experience in the comments.

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  • Gopal Raju

    Aug 18th

    Cool list…

  • Amit

    Aug 18th

    This is really going to come in handy with project management stuff. I have been using google tasks until now.

  • Giuseppe Zizza

    Aug 18th

    Hello, great list thank you. I would like to suggest also Collabtive. I find it very easy, fast and ideal for plans with little ones groups of people.

  • N Wynkoop

    Aug 18th

    I love toodledo, especially using it with twitter to check lists via SMS.

    Also, Add ACE Project to the list.

  • Aaron

    Aug 18th

    Also keep Evernote in mind. Has more capabilities than just a to-do list and I love it.

  • Jash Sayani

    Aug 18th

    If you use Remember The Milk, then get Remember The Task (A small app to manage your tasks on Windows/Mac/Linux): http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/marketplace/index.cfm?event=marketplace.offering&offeringid=10052&marketplaceid=1

  • Lucas Tadeu

    Aug 18th

    Great post. I only knew the Remember the milk.I try the others now

  • bobbyx

    Aug 18th

    Try http://www.totdo.com also. No bells and whistles like some of the options listed here but very basic.

  • Josh Stauffer

    Aug 20th

    Great list. I was only familiar with two, Remember the Milk and Ta-da. Good to know!

  • printedproof

    Aug 21st

    Thanks, I am working on converting over from sticky notes.

  • Mike

    Aug 21st

    taskio.com is in private beta but for your project mgmt people it looks and sounds awesome.

  • Michael Carnell

    Aug 21st

    Toodledo is my favorite and the one I use. Integrates with with Ultimate Todos on the iPhone. Good stuff!

  • MMoninger

    Aug 21st

    Great list. Another option on Twitter is MindMeTo http://twitter.com/mindmeto

  • Katy

    Aug 21st

    add http://www.taskwriter.com – both dashboard (netvibes like) and list based

  • Jacob Rothstein

    Aug 21st

    For group priorities (social to-do and brainstorming), please check out my startup: http://www.stormweight.com/. We’re just getting started, so we’d love feedback on how we can make group prioritization easier for you.

  • Ahmed El.Hussaini

    Aug 25th

    Great list

  • Neil Bode

    Sep 9th

    I use Evernote http://www.evernote.com

  • Thad

    Sep 20th

    I recently stumbled upon hiTask.com (featured here), and really like it. I am involved in a lot of stuff and can not keep up with everything by memory. I also have a hard time remembering to look in outlook or something on a computer to see what I have to do.

    - hiTask sends you email reminders to do stuff, similiar to outlook reminders.
    - The AJAX drag and drop interface is very nice to use.
    - The calendar on the left keeps your daily taks in eye view and can be adjusted drab and drop
    - Organizing taks within projects is nice too.

    Overall, I’ve been very happy with this site so far.

  • Souika

    Nov 10th

    Personnaly, i’m using Evernote to synchronize tasks and notes.
    It’s pretty easy to use and work on iPhone.

  • Joe Senft

    Nov 29th

    Lots of progressive Web 2.0 thinking going on in the segment of lists and personal organizers. I’m looking for simplicity, scalable architecture and more than just a great-looking GUI.

    At the moment, I like the way that SpringPad transforms lists into a way of thinking and a way of living:


  • Matthew Strawbridge

    Jan 10th

    The important thing to me is the ability to set dependencies between tasks. Hiveminder is the only todo list manager I’ve found that supports this.

  • Chris

    Feb 12th

    I’d definitely add my site, http://www.followup.cc to the mix. It’s a lightweight reminder service for your email where you set the reminders in the CC or BCC field. Especially useful in Gmail since reminders are threaded.

  • Pippa

    Jun 12th

    I was looking for something like this during the week. I picked simpletodo and it does exactly what I want although I might check out a couple of the ones on the list that I quite liked the sound of too.

  • Jonh Meyer

    Jun 14th

    I am using http://www.neotriad.com , the best I found!

  • vuitton

    Aug 14th

    Hiveminder is the only todo list manager I’ve found that supports this.

  • Mike

    Feb 5th

    You should check out Get It Done: (http://getitdoneapp.com)

    Very easy to use and free iPhone, iPad, Android apps

  • Harvey Shepard

    May 20th

    I’ve been very happy with TeuxDeux from swissmiss: http://teuxdeux.com

  • Laura

    Jun 28th

    Thanks for the list of lists! I’ve been looking for something a little more mobile than outlook

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