A Free Open Source Password Manager for Chrome

Web browsers hold the capability of storing passwords for accounts based on the user’s discretion. Other programs like PassKeep offer similar features which has made them very popular for standalone users.

Well a new minimalist competitor named Padlock has also been drawing a lot of attention recently.

It’s an extension for Google Chrome which maintains a concise list of passwords right in your browser. The extension can also be added to Android and iOS devices for account details on-the-go.

Many users shy away from these programs from a lack of trust. I can’t say I disagree – personally I still write my passwords on sticky notes hanging around my desk.

But people who work in a crowded office don’t have the luxury of leaving their passwords out in the open. So resources like Padlock seem a little more desirable.

In an effort to maintain transparency the Padlock plugin has been released as open source on GitHub. This means any developer can scour the code to look for suspicious tidbits, or even suggest code updates as desired.

Those who want to check it out should visit the official Padlock website or install the Chrome extension straight from the Chrome Webstore.

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