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55 Exceptional Examples of Bokeh Photography

by Cale White

July 5, 2012 in Inspiration Resources

Bokeh is a Japanese word that in English we know as blur. Bokeh has become a very popular effect in photography. It’s easy to create and makes for impressive photos. In this post we are showcasing 55 outstanding examples of Bokeh photography. Enjoy! 1. Pink Rose in the Bottle 2. Bokeh Spray 3. Beautiful lady […]

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40 Creative Concept Art Examples

by Cale White

June 14, 2012 in Inspiration Resources

In conceptual photography, the photographer is trying to convey a message or concept through abstract symbolism in the form of drawings, paintings, quick sketches, sculptures, miniatures, and all types of art that defines the object or attempts to explain the meaning.

In this post we found examples of remarkable concept art created by different artists. All images are linked to pages of the author. Enjoy!

1. Ganesh

Meet Ganesh the god of beginnings and a patron of arts shown in a beautiful drawing by Francis.


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40 Awesome Photoshop Brushes for Designers

by Cale White

June 2, 2012 in Resources

While working, designers are always searching for high quality resources. As I’m sure you know if you are reading this post, good Photoshop brushes are always in high demand. Finding a good brush requires a lot of research and time. Below we have put together some great brushes spanning many categories of brush type.

Hope these help your work today. Enjoy!

1. Painted Strokes Brushes

Here are 13 Photoshop brushes, ranging from 1700-2500px in size.They were made in PS CS3, so I’m unsure if they work in earlier versions.


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