40 Photoshop Actions for Designers and Photographers

Photoshop Actions allow designers and photographers to quickly edit photos in a specific way. The right action can save a great deal of time as opposed to doing all of the work manually.

In this post we’ll feature 40 free Photoshop actions (many are actually sets of multiple actions). Our past collections of Photoshop actions continue to draw interest, so we hope many of you will find these to be useful as well. If you see something that you want to try out, click on the image or the text link and you’ll be able to download the actions from the source.

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Action Set 1

One Less Lonely Girl Action

Polaroid Generator 2

Photoshop Action 15

Blue Action

Touch of Light/Touch of Darkness

Fearless Action

High Definition Sharpening

Photoshop Actions 105

Texture Applicator

Photoshop Actions 11

Photoshop Actions 2

Photoshop Action 18

Photoshop Actions 67

Burnt Edges Vignettes

sa-cool Action 1.06

sa-cool Action 1.07

sa-cool Actions 2.06

sa-cool Actions 2.07

sa-cool Actions 2.08

Darker Effect

Nature Actions

Photoshop Actions 133

Photoshop Actions 87

NoiseLess RetroFit Actions

Cool Photo Effect Action

Sarah Action 1

Sarah Set 4

Colorized Action

Black White Sepia Action

Hard Light Action

Photoshop Action 31

Vintage Actions

Photoshop Actions Pack 6

Action Pack 2

Photoshop Actions 14

Actions Pack 2


Action 01

Action 02

For more Photoshop actions please see:

MCP ActionsThis post is supported by MCP Actions, the popular creator of Photoshop actions, training and the MCP Blog. Jodi Friedman, owner of MCP Actions, provides great products and resources for both hobbyist and professional photographers who want to improve their post processing and take their photography to the next level. If you are serious about the quality of your images or your photography business, visit MCP Actions:

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Stephen Snell is the owner and editor of Vandelay Design, a popular design blog.
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    Interesting to see how the different actions change the photo to create a compelling new image.

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  21. Me
    March 26, 2010

    Many are interesting, but for real photography work you’re better off learning how to do the modifications manually and doing them specifically for the photo. Actions are great for adding titles, correcting a series of photos in a similar way, or otherwise removing grunt work. And art is not just running an action to add noise, a false cross-process color effect, and vignetting.

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