Showcase of Retro Web Designs

by Brant Wilson

April 24, 2011 in design Inspiration Resources

In this post we have put together some beautiful retro web designs for your inspiration. If you like these retro designs you might also want to check out some of our previous posts below. Enjoy!

Collection of Abstract & Retro Futuristic Designs

350+ Retro and Vintage Photoshop Brushes

Also, if you are looking for further inspiration for a retro web design. You might want to check out a couple of vintage advertising books. There are two listed below that I particularly like.

Ad Boy: Vintage Advertising with Character by Warren Dotz. Buy from
Vintage Commercial Art and Design by Frank H. Atkinson. Buy from






























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  • Dave

    Apr 25th

    Retro web design is great. I need to try one sometime. Great collection, thanks for sharing.

  • CoachMhairi

    Apr 25th

    Thanks for sharing those lovely retro designs, I can’t get enough retro.

  • nathanbweller

    Apr 25th

    Wow, love this collection! Thanks for posting, gave me some great ideas for a re-design!

  • David Christian-Woodruff

    Apr 26th

    These are fantastic! It’s great to see a variation of retro designs that are still being produced. All too often these days, designers are keen to push the modern and simplistic designs and forget that old can be stylish.

    What’s also interesting is seeing the varied uses for the retro design. They aren’t all simply for old sweet shops or bakeries, but also for designers and depots which you wouldn’t expect.

    I have to admit that I too am guilty of perhaps being as modern as possible with my designs, never really taking into consideration older styles. Rest assured that now I’ve read this blog and seen the examples, I’ll be taking some of these ideas forward into any future work I do!

  • System requirements

    Apr 26th

    Great collection!! Really i want more..

  • Nico Domnicu

    Apr 26th

    You really should add The Art Of Nonconformity, the blog of Chris Guillebeau. It’s a really beautiful and crazily popular blog – and it also is a very good example of the retro design.

  • Corey Haggard

    Apr 26th

    Great collection here, Visual Republic is amazing. Good to see it showcased here.

  • Bratu Sebastian

    Apr 27th

    Great list of vintage websites!

    These look soo funky and professional. Designs like these are great for restaurants.

  • Chris

    Apr 27th

    It’s more some sort of modern retro which I totatlly love!

  • Tony

    May 14th

    I totally love this style, thanks for the inspiration, I need to redo my site :)

  • SitePunk

    May 18th

    Retro will never die. (atleast I hope so hehe)
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Buburu Resources

    Jun 14th

    They are so good looking and so original! I think that this style will be great for wine or antique shop.

  • Jeremy Harrison

    Jun 22nd

    Many of these are not just great web designs… they are great advertising pieces. Effective advertising techniques — strong headlines, compelling images and punchy copy — is another one of those things that’s sadly becoming “retro.” Kudos to sites like adpacks, eightytwodesign and foreverheavy for bringing the complete package.

  • Website Design Buffalo

    Jun 29th

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    Jul 7th

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  • web design bristol

    Jul 15th

    Some real nice designs here.

  • eve

    Jul 19th

    Awesome styles and designs!!!!

  • Web Heroines

    Jul 22nd

    Check out our World War 2 inspired design “Web Heroines”

    ;) Keri

  • mobile jaw crusher

    Aug 3rd

    These are fantastic!

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