The Best WordPress Classifieds Plugins

Creating a classifieds website or even adding a classifieds section to your existing page is a fast, easy way to make some extra money.

However, it wasn’t always this easy. A while back, creating your own classifieds website was a tedious job and, in the end, it wasn’t always worth the hassle. Nowadays there are a number of plugins, tools and resources that will help you create your very own classifieds page in no time. Here’s a list of the best we could find.



WPAdverts is a WordPress plugin that will help you create a classifieds website from scratch or add a classifieds section to your existing website easily. All you have to do is get the plugin, run the one-step installer, set up your shortcodes and you’re good to go. WPAdverts works flawlessly with any WordPress theme and it is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress. It will certainly look good on any website, and it looks great on any bright theme. What’s more, with WPAdverts you will have complete control over what your classifieds website will or won’t do. This plugin has a modular build which basically means you’re getting a bundle of modules that you are free to activate and deactivate as you see fit. This feature gives you unparalleled control over each functionality of your website. WPAdverts can be easily integrated with third party plugins like Yoast SEO, Jetpack and more. It also offers you a range of free addons that will increase functionality and help you create a one of a kind user-experience.  WPAdverts was created by the team behind WPJobBoard and WPHelpDesk and it takes full advantage from their amassed experience. This plugin was written to respect all the best WordPress coding practices and it makes it easy for developers to add their own hooks and filters. It also provides extensive documentation. Last, but not least, WPAdverts offers one of the best support systems around. If you have any issue with your installation, just send them an email and you’ll receive a response in less than 24 hours.



OpenClassifieds is an open-source PHP script that helps you create your very own classifieds website. This script provides you with the basic features you need in order to create a fully functional classifieds website: admin management, social integration, responsive layouts and easy payment integration. Being open-source, OpenClassifieds gives you complete access to its entire source–code that you are free to alter in order to make it suit your needs. The admin management features it offers make it easy to both manage your website and moderate all ads posted on it. OpenClassifieds offers you integration with some of the best known payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Bitcoin, PayMill and more.




Elegant and highly-functional, ClassifiedEngine is the perfect WordPress theme to run your classifieds website on. It was created in order to monetize ads as well as possible, all the while giving your visitors a first-rate user-experience. ClassifiedEngine comes with built-in design tools that will make it easy for you to customize its appearance and always keep it up to date with the current trends. You can play with colour schemes, adaptive colours, layouts and font settings. The admin panel gives you access to all your theme settings like website title, description, social links and more. ClassifiedEngine also provides a diverse array of features like PayPal Express, Ad Roll, Ad Alert, Ad Map and more.



Created with usability and functionality in mind, ClassiCraft is a WordPress theme that is robust and flexible and will make your classifieds website look great effortlessly. ClassiCraft is fully responsive, comes with eight unique design styles, offers two list view options and gives you full control over your ads. ClassiCraft comes with a built-in lead captures system for ads and an easy to use ad submission payment system that will make it easier for you to collect revenue.



ClassiAds is well-documented, fully Google Map integrated, offers unlimited colours, custom fields for each category, frontend user panel and more. In summary, it is one of the best classifieds WordPress themes available anywhere. This theme gives you unparalleled control over every aspect of your website. You have control over enabling free ads, which type of list view you prefer, what categories you show, choosing the way your admin view looks, managing pricing manually and more. The team at ClassiAds worked very hard in order to provide their customers with everything they needed and they continue to do so. ClassiAds has one of the best support systems for any WordPress theme and any issue you might have, they are more than capable to help you resolve it.



Yclas is a tool that helps both professionals and beginners alike set up their classifieds website. Creating your website on this platform is as easy as introducing your website’s name and your email address and clicking on “I’m ready.”. After this, you will have a classifieds website at your disposal that you can customize as you see fit. You’ll have a varied array of features designed especially by Yclas for classifieds websites to choose from. You can create categories, locations, set up payment gateways, custom fields and more. You’ll also get access to your website’s design in order to alter it in order to suit your needs.

SOFA Front Post


SOFA Front Post is a WordPress plugin by Sofarider that is aimed at classifieds websites. It will provide you with all your basic needs in order to get your website up and running as fast as possible. SOFA can be integrated in any theme, gives you access to an array of Custom Widgets and shortcodes, and is fully integrated with GoogleMaps. With SOFA Front Post you’ll be able to easily control your content as every ad must first be revised by an administrator, your sponsored ads will always be listed and you can configure the period for which your ads are available.

Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin


Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin has long been one of the favorite plugins for creating a classifieds website. It came out approximately two years ago and quickly produced a stable, reliable build version that encompasses all the basic needs of a classifieds website. This plugin offers great features for admin users, like easy moderation of posts, provides integration with PayPal and 2Checkout as well as giving you a first-rate security system. What’s more, it gives you control over HTML use in your ads. In case you need any extra addons or features that aren’t comprised in the standard download, you can purchase them straight from Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin’s website.



Osclass is an open-source script that helps you create your very own classifieds website. Using this script you will have a classifieds website that can run real estate, jobs or car ads in no time and will be available in 5 different languages. Installing Osclass is a simple process: you download their latest build from their website, you upload it to your hosting, access the installer through your browser and follow the instructions. That’s it. At the end of that process you’ll be the owner of a fully functional website. What’s more, you can then customize it as you see fit by choosing from the templates and plugins available on Osclass.



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