The Fast and Easy Way of Creating Your Own Website

In today’s world, having access to information is a really big deal and part of that access is being able to express yourself through the Internet. Even though everyone is using social media sites for that, they don’t always cover the full pallet of expression needs. And then you realize that what you need to do is get your very own website to showcase your work, be it artwork, articles or just a good business idea.

But what do you do when you don’t have any knowledge about coding, and you don’t want to spend a fortune on a specialized web development company? The answer is simple – type in

Although not the only one of its kind, this on-line tool is great because of the really good options and functionalities it offers. Also, it can be used both by beginners in need of a simple, yet effective website, and by programmers with advanced skills who want new ideas of how to create a great looking website.

The first great feature that pops up when you start using the tool is the fact that you can choose to build the website using a template, start with an empty page or modify an existing website.


Next, if you selected the ‘Choose a template’ option, you will be presented with a vast array of features, depending on what you want to do.  So, whether you’re a photographer, designer, architect or you may need to endorse a hotel or restaurant, you’ll have a ready-made list of templates that are available.


Once you’re set on the outline of the site, you can go ahead and customize it by using your own material or with the help of advanced features like slideshows, galleries, contact forms, players and many others, all awaiting you at your fingertips.

Nobody’s born perfect and nobody picked up a tool and got it right on the first try. If you happen to need any help, there are Live Design Assistants available to help. You can call on the proficiency of the IMcreator support team and they will never fail to come to your design aid so don’t fret.

When you’re done with the customizing, the rest is even simpler – press ‘Publish’ and  you got yourself a brand new website. At this point, you can choose to connect it to your existing domain or purchase a new one. And when taking into consideration that IMcreator is  powered by the likes of Google and Amazon, which makes your new website browser and search-engine friendly, you realize you’ve made a really good decision when choosing this tool.



As I already mentioned, the tool is also for designers with some experience, as they can submit their own designs to the catalog already available and get a cut for each time they’re used.

All in all, IMcreator is a really easy to use, yet powerful tool, when it comes to web designing and it can make anyone say to themselves ‘I’m designer. I’m creator.’



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