35+ Usability Resources for Web Designers

Usability should be a priority for every website. Without usability, even the most beautiful design will be ineffective. In this post we’ll feature a number of resources, tools, software, checklists, articles, and more, that can help you to design and develop highly usable websites.

Premium Usability Resources:

There are a number of tools and resources that have been created to test and improve usability. In this section we’ll look at eight premium resources.

Silverback is usability testing software (for Mac) from Clearleft. It allows you to capture screen activity, video participants, record audio, and more. The price is $49.95, and a free trial is available.


Morae is software that is made up of three separate components: Recorder, Observer, and Manager. With Morae you can test the usability of a website by learning from the experiences and actions of visitors. The full version costs $1,495. A free trial is available.


Userfly allows you to record your visitors to see mouse movements and clicks. There is a free plan that offers 10 captures per month, and premium plans that range from $10 (100 captures) to $200 (10,000 captures) per month.


With UserTesting.com you can quickly (in about 1 hour) and inexpensively ($29) get feedback from a user of your site. You’ll get a video of the user session with spoken comments about the site, plus a written report.


Crazy Egg
Crazy is more than just an analytics program. It provides visuals that help you to understand and improve how users interact with the site.

Crazy Egg

ClickTale provides web analytics and more. It includes heatmaps, videos of browsing sessions, link analytics, and more.


Loop11 is an online usability and user experience testing tool, allowing individuals and companies to conduct online, unmoderated user testing on any kind of digital interface. The cost is $350 per testing project, with the first project being free.


Chalkmark provides first impression testing, showing you where users are clicking. Prices range from $109 for 30 days to $1350 for 365 days.


Free Usability Resources:

If premium usability testing resources are not in the budget, or if you are not interested in any of those mentioned above, there are also some excellent free resources.

You can join the UsabilityTest.com community to get free usability reviews or to provide feedback to other users.


This free tool will test your page load time and provide a report with results.


A free tool that will help you to identify dead links on your site.


LinkChecker Firefox Add On
Use this Firefox extension to easily and quickly test the links on any page.

LinkChecker Firefox Add On

ClickHeat is a visual heatmap of clicks on a HTML page, showing hot and cold click zones. ClickHeat is an OpenSource software, released under GPL licence, and free of charge.


Five Second Test
Test the first impressions of your visitors to improve your site’s layout.

Five Second Test

Colour Contrast Check
This resource from Jonathan Snook will help to avoid problems with color contrast in web design.

Colour Contrast Check

Luminosity Colour Contrast Ratio Analyzer
This free tool calculates a contrast ratio to see if it is sufficient.

Luminosity Colour Contrast Ratio Analyzer

Colour Contrast Visualiser
This tool can save time by helping you to select safe color combinations, rather than trying to test many different combinations to find one that passes.

Colour Contrast Visualiser

Colour Contrast Analyzer Firefox Extension
This color analyzer will test the background and text color combinations found in a stylesheet for proper contrast.

Colour Contrast Analyzer Firefox Extension

GrayBit shows you a grayscale version of any website to help test contrast.


Usability-Focused Websites and Blogs

If you’re interested in getting more content on usability, these are some good sites to follow.

Usability Checklists

Checklists can be helpful for making sure that your sites are usable. There are a number of good checklists, some more detailed than others.

Helpful Articles on Usability

For more reading on usability, check out these articles from various writers and designers.

For more design resources please see:

Stephen Snell is the owner and editor of Vandelay Design, a popular design blog.
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  19. January 5, 2010

    You might also want to check out Open Web Analytics (http://www.openwebanalytics.com) which is an open source web analytics framework that provides great tools for usability testing including mouse recording (like Userfly) plus heatmaps.

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    I would like to contribute on this post by adding that web standards are greatly important. See what is currently taking place between HTML5 and Apple.

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    What about prototyping tools? IMHO the best way to assure your web is going to be usable. The best tool for me to do that is Justinmind Prototyper (http://www.justinmind.com) that also generates HTML

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    This is a great list which I shall be bookmarking immediately, as usability is such a vital aspect of all web design. A book I recommend too which I have recently come across is “The Web Designers Idea Book”; worth a read!

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