Win an eCommerce and Discussions Package from concrete5!

by Brant Wilson

July 6, 2010 in Resources

concrete5 has offered to give away an eCommerce license and a Discussions license to the crowd. The value of this giveaway is $145.

What is concrete5?

concrete5 is an extremely user friendly content management system. Content management systems (CMS) make life easier for the not so technical website owner. Even if you have technical skills a good CMS can save you a lot of time and energy. If you are operating a website of any size in the year 2010 a good CMS is critical. A couple of years ago our friend Jacob Gube over at Six Revisions had a post entitled 10 Promising Content Management Systems which identified concrete5 as a solid CMS. It has been a couple of years since that post and the user experience has only gotten better.

So, if you are interested in winning a free eCommerce and Discussions license please comment on the post to win. Here are some sneak peeks at this great CMS.

Here is a screen shot of the eCommerce backend. The backend allows you to create products, place them on a page, and group them in many different ways.

Any good CMS has a lot of support. The Discussions section has already answered pretty much every question you can think of. However, if you are having problems the nice people over at concrete5 are there to help answer all your questions.

Here is a video that gives some more details about the concrete5 system and how it will help make running your website a breeze.

Please comment on this post to enter the giveaway. We will announce the winner on Friday. Good luck!

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  • Alfredo Arriaza

    Jul 6th

    Great thanks fot the giveway

  • wvpv

    Jul 6th


  • Johannes Korn

    Jul 6th

    I love c5, so this is a very welcome giveaway :)

  • Neal Wilkes

    Jul 6th

    Great site, free is good.

  • Rachel

    Jul 6th

    I’ve been looking for the perfect e-commerce CMS for a while – this looks brilliant and just what I’d need!

    Good luck to everyone :)

  • Angel

    Jul 6th

    I use concrete5 on two of my sites…. that ecommerce solution sounds good!

  • Pelham Palmer

    Jul 6th

    This would fit my eCommerce needs perfectly.

  • Cara

    Jul 6th

    This looks like a very promising cms and I would love to get my hands on a copy :-)

  • Laurence

    Jul 6th

    I’m building a few sites in c5 and am having a ball – it’s fast, intuitive and you don’t need serious coding knowledge to build something very powerful. Highly recommended!

  • Paul

    Jul 6th

    From the looks of those sneak peeks, it appears its extremely easy to sell ducks through their CMS. I’ve been looking for a duck-friendly CMS for a while now! I hope I win.

  • hanicker

    Jul 6th

    I really love this cms. Easily customizable like a framework but ready to work out or the box

  • Christian

    Jul 6th

    Right now we are preparing a small introduction for next Web Monday in Stuttgart/Germany. Hope we can get this started soon, to spread the love for concrete5.
    Would be nice to win the ecommerce license.

  • Glenn

    Jul 6th

    This is such an awesome give-a-way. I hope to win.

  • Colleen C

    Jul 6th

    Looks like an great CMS package – perfect for my start up company! Thanks for hosting this contest!

  • Brian

    Jul 6th

    I have been working with Concrete5 for 1.5 years and I absolutely love it!

  • Paul Gunn

    Jul 6th

    Concrete5 is a really good CMS. This is a really good give-away!!

  • Adam

    Jul 6th

    C5 is a great CMS. Easy to use and easy to develop with. Check check.

  • Liminal Web Design Cornwall

    Jul 6th

    Amazing give away, Concrete5 is an great CMS, pretty much every site I’ve build in the last 18 months has been in it.

    Thanks to all involved for the competition.

    Ryan Mcfarlane
    Liminal Design

  • Robert H.

    Jul 6th


  • Theron Luhn

    Jul 6th

    “If you are operating a website of any size in the year 2010 a good CMS is critical.”

    I disagree. For small, static websites, I find that hand-coding everything on top of a PHP framework is much easier.

    However, for larger websites, CMSs make things much easier. And in the case of forums and eCommerce websites, CMSs are necessary.

    Anyways, I hope I win a prize!

  • John Steele

    Jul 6th

    I’d *love* to win this!

  • Ron

    Jul 7th

    Cool :)

    Btw, new template for page list thumbview template concrete5 package available.


  • Betatron

    Jul 7th

    Nice giveaway! I love the opensource CMS solutions!

  • Jennifer R

    Jul 7th

    I do not know that: is any chance using concrete5 better than WordPress powered site?

  • Brandon M

    Jul 7th

    This is great! I just finished a website and I need to add an ecommerce package.

  • stamba

    Jul 7th

    This would be really nice to win! This software looks great!

  • Chris @

    Jul 7th

    What a great prize! I’ve been using concrete5 for about 2 years now and it’s by far the best CMS out there!

  • Amber

    Jul 7th

    I am always looking for a great CMS solution. Thanks!

  • CRBlev

    Jul 7th

    Looks very interesting.

  • Mihla

    Jul 7th

    Would love to win this as I am currently looking for an ecommerce CMS solution.

  • Jasha

    Jul 7th

    I’m in, great giveaway! Love it!

  • Cliff

    Jul 7th

    I’m currently about to try out Magento – I wonder how this will compare!

  • Yadiel

    Jul 8th

    Thanks! Love DESIGNM.AG and I’m a fan of concrete5. I was checking out the Discussions add-on a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved its promoted features. Definitely a very versatile forums approach. I would definitively suggest for everybody to consider concrete5 for their web projects.

  • João Alvarenga

    Jul 8th

    Fingers crossed. Good luck everyone.

  • code pixelz media

    Jul 8th

    wonderful article very helpful indeed.

  • Jano

    Jul 8th


    I must win!

  • Andrew

    Jul 8th

    Just converting my portfolio over to concrete5 and would LOVE this package

  • Sheena

    Jul 9th

    I’d love to win this great prize…fingers crossed for me!! :)

  • AzzePis

    Jul 9th

    I believe, I can win ;)

  • Brant Wilson

    Jul 9th

    I am pleased to announce that Theron Luhn is the winner of eCommerce package. Thanks to all who participated!

  • Vincent K.

    Jul 14th

    Let me say that concrete5 is ‘straat’, even when I’m fishing behind the nets ;)

  • Koje

    Jul 15th

    Great for your kindly giving this information :)

  • Bas A.

    Jul 16th

    Would love to use/try this for one of my clients! This CMS looks great!

  • peter

    Jul 17th

    I’ve been developing with C5 for a while now. it’s a great platform, really fast to develop sites and clients love how easy it is to edit and maintain a finished site. It rocks!

  • Bryan

    Jul 19th

    Ohh I need this!

  • GaryM

    Jul 19th

    I discovered Concrete5 several weeks back and I’ve been preaching it to anyone I know building or reworking corp, content & eCommerce sites — two have taken the bait and have never looked back to Drupal. C5 just rocks. I’d be great to get the eCommerce & Discussion plugins!

  • vuitton

    Aug 15th

    This is such an awesome give-a-way. I hope to win.

  • torontosunnewspaper

    Dec 19th

    Hi, I am new.This is my frist thread…lol.
    say hello to everybody.

  • alartyTyclEaccesk

    Dec 26th

    nice. keep it

  • Mat Rosa

    Mar 7th

    Been using Prestashop and wpE but really interested in trying out c5 instead – heard a lot of good stuff but just hadn’t tried it out yet.

  • web graphster

    Mar 7th

    Already use concrete5 and would recommend to everyone. Would love to win this eCommerce and Discussions Package!

  • Josh Bartolomucci

    Mar 27th

    Would love to win. Thanks!

  • Josh Bartolomucci

    Apr 3rd

    Would love to win!!!

  • Matt Walls

    Apr 13th

    Would love to win this too. Wish they had a trial to test before you pay out $125 to see if it will fit your need or not.

  • Jamie Brown

    Jun 19th

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Count Raven Amiant

    Jun 21st


  • Daniel Harris

    Jul 5th

    I love concrete5, I stick all my sites on concrete5! I recently launched a site with ecommerce through eBay… But I would love to get that transferred to concrete5 also!!! Is the winner chosen randomly? Thanks or the great givaway!!! ;)

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