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Win a Free License for Fanurio Time Tracking and Invoicing Software

A few weeks ago we ran a giveaway on Vandelay Design for free licenses to Fanurio‘s time tracking and invoicing software. That giveaway drew a great response from readers, so I’ve teamed up with Fanurio to give away another four free licenses here at

Fanurio Time Tracking and Invoicing

A few weeks ago we ran a giveaway on Vandelay Design for free licenses to Fanurio‘s time tracking and invoicing software. That giveaway drew a great response from readers, so I’ve teamed up with Fanurio to give away another four free licenses here at

Fanurio Time Tracking and Invoicing

If you’re not familiar with Fanurio, it is a software application that provides freelancers with a number of features for tracking time, invoicing, and tracking the status of those invoices. Invoice templates are available, even as part of the free trial. In addition, Fanurio includes a reporting system that will help you to analyze your use of time and how it impacts your income. For more information on the features see Fanurio’s Features Overview.

There are many options for invoicing and time tracking, and most are web-based solutions that involve a monthly fee. Fanurio is cross-platform software that comes with a one-time charge of $59 to purchase the license with no on-going monthly fees.

How to Enter the Contest:

If you would like to win one of these four licenses, please leave a comment on this post to express your interest. On Friday, June 26th I will use a random number generator to select four random winners. At that time I will update this post to announce the winners, and I’ll contact them via email (please leave a valid email with your comment so you can be contacted if you win).

If you aren’t one of the lucky four winners, you can always download a free trial of Fanurio to see how you like it.

Good luck!

UPDATE: The contest is now over. Thanks to everyone who participated! Here are the winners (I will be contacting you shortly).

  • Luis

    I would like one license.

  • http://none rham

    sounds interesting and would love to take a look at it.

  • Dasistnicht

    I would absolutely love a license for this. As an occasional freelancer, it would come in handy, big time.

  • Leo

    This sound absolutely useful, I’d love to have a license

  • Mike

    Well hoping for the best… :)

  • John

    Would definitely like to have a license.

  • Christopher Hein

    I would love to have this opportunity use this software it would really help with making invoices for all my work.

  • http://diggerdesignlabs.comscanthisblog... Steve Robillard

    I would love to win this prize, because it would make the current move of our admin functions to the mac easier, while still allowing me to enter and review details while on the road from my laptop/netbook.

  • Jonas Berggren

    I would love to have a license. :)

  • dSine Lab

    I tweeted about this a few months ago – “What’s a good freelancing time keeper? What do you use for billing?” Some suggested Microsoft Outlook, but this didn’t target my minute-to-minute needs. Little did I know that a 2-in-1 solution existed! Give a retail version of Fanurio to test drive, I’ll give you my honest feedback. Thanks.

  • Rishi Luchun

    I really need something like this!

  • Pablo Lara

    I want Fanurio¡ Send it to Chile, please¡¡¡

  • Jeremy Pitt

    Looking good. I never used invocing/time tracking software so this might be a first. Would love a free license :)

  • Dwayne Cossey

    I love a license! Great site and thanks for the contest!

  • Kenneth Younger

    Definitely would like one of those licenses!

  • Ace Web Design

    I’d love a license. Thank you

  • Ryan Edgell

    This is great. Sign me up!

  • Rick Hofsink

    Looks great! I would love to have one :-)

  • Sebastian

    One of those licenses would be great!

  • Ryan Jarrett

    Yep, I’m definitely interested – count me in please!

  • fthom

    I’d love a license too…thanks! :-)

  • Juggles

    I would love to have a license! Thanks very much for the giveaway!

  • Vladimir

    yeah. it looks like a great program, with more features. i like it. :)

  • Julien

    That sounds great !

    I’d like to have one licence !

  • Markus

    I’d be very interested!

  • Marco Solazzi

    It seems a great piece of software, and surely a must to manage projects. I’d like a licence 😉

  • benem

    As I’m actually looking for a good Time Tracker, this would be great 😉

  • QoSyS

    Nice programm, looking for the license 😉

  • raf

    I am so glad to find this offer. I am really interested. Thank you for the post.

  • Bruno Moniz

    I’d love a license. I’m missing a software like this in my work…

  • Rok Nemet

    How many hours have I searched the net for the right time tracking software, I’m kind of sad I didn’t used that time to make my own… however fanurio, which I never heard of, seems to fall in easy to use categories.

  • Altaf Sayani

    Just checked the trial version and It is awesome would love to use it as my default time tracking software.

  • Hima

    I want to get me one of these things too.

  • Tobias Lind

    Sounds like the thing I need!

  • Kaylon

    Sounds cool. Count me in.

  • Andrew

    Sounds very cool. Been looking for something cross-platform like this.

  • susan taylor

    okay I’m at the end of the line – but not for long!

  • jason

    I could def. use this for all of those freelance jobs. This could really speed up the invoicing process for me.


    Also interested in checking out new applications.

  • Yoram

    I’m still on the hunt for the perfect, usable and day-by-day loved time tracking software which works also on the invoice side … maybe Fanurio? We’ll see.

  • ironVictory

    I’d like to win a license!

  • Dragos M

    I am a freelance graphic designer and such a software would be good for managing my time and incomes.

  • Jeff Walker

    Please consider me for the software license giveaway. Thanks!

  • Victor Abadio

    A license, please. (It would really come in a good time for me.)

  • Jason Colvin

    I would like to be in the drawing for the License. As a Freelance designer this would greatly increase ease of billing.


  • Lance

    I would like a license please. Thanks.

  • Kurt Hurst

    I would like a license.

  • Tabytha

    I would like a license – looks like it may be helpful. :)

  • Mare

    “Does anybody really know what TIME it is? Does anybody really care … about TIME!”
    (verse from an old, song long ago) I care about time cause I HAVE to keep track if it … Sure, I’d love to have a license for tracking time.

  • Rommel Miraflores

    interested. INTERESTED. iN73R3573D.

    I AM INTERESTED. Have I expressed my interest enough? I hope so,I’ll just have to wait and see…

    As the police officer who pulled me over last weekend said…

    “Licence, please…”

  • Ely

    I would love to get this one. Hope I win! 😀

  • Carolyn

    I am interested! Would love a license.

  • Megan

    This looks great! I’m definitely keen. Would love to have this

  • CW

    Yay! Count me in. Would love to check it out. :)

  • vuitton

    I’d be very interested!