PsDefaults $1000 Giveaway: Better Presets for Adobe Photoshop

Have you seen the default bubbly blue pattern in Adobe Photoshop? If so, you know the time is right for someone to create a better set of presets. PsDefaults is doing just that, and they’ve partnered with us to give ten lucky readers a free advanced version of their deluxe set (normally $100).

PsDefaults has just launched their project on Kickstarter and will ship the full product in late July. The winners of this giveaway will not only get the set for free, but they will also get it before it is released publicly. Take a look at some of the contents and enter the giveaway below:

How to Enter

There are two options to enter this giveaway, either counts:

  • Comment on this post with an idea for a new Photoshop preset
  • Mention this giveaway on twitter

The PsDefaults team will randomly select the winners this Friday, June 29th. Any winners who already pre-ordered on kickstarter will get a full refund and a sincere thank you!

Also, if you sign up for the PsDefaults email list you can download a free sample Mini-Kit before the full version goes on sale.


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