Win One of Three Free Templates from TemplateWire

by Steven Snell

September 23, 2009 in Site News

TemplateWire has offered to give free templates to three readers. If you’re not familiar with TemplateWire they are a leading marketplace of CSS templates, Flash templates, and logo templates. For $49 you can get 12 months of unlimited access to all of their premium templates. Or you can get 3 months of access for $29. You can use the templates on an unlimited number of websites for you or your clients.


CSS Templates:

There are currently 50 different XHTML/CSS templates available.


Flash Templates:

There are currently more than 40 Flash templates available.


Logo Templates:

There are currently more than 50 logo templates available


The Giveaway:

If you would like to enter the contest to win a free template from TemplateWire, please leave a comment on this post (with a valid email address so we can contact you if you win). On Sunday, September 27 I will use a random number generator to select the three winners. At that time this post will be updated and the winners will be notified so they can claim their prize.

Please take a moment to visit TemplateWire and see what template you would like to win.

UPDATE: The contest is now over. Thanks to everyone who participated. The winners are:

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  • Nikola Lazarevic

    Sep 23rd

    amazing offer! thanks

  • Antonio

    Sep 23rd

    nice template, I’m here,

  • Richard Cloutier

    Sep 23rd

    Nice one !
    Wish I could win a Logo Template for my next project.
    Thanks !

  • Matt Moring

    Sep 23rd

    A very cool prize.


  • Adam Goyette

    Sep 23rd

    A new template would be awesome!! Can you pick any 3?

  • Triqe

    Sep 23rd

    Would certainly enjoy winning one of these.

  • Wendy H

    Sep 23rd


  • Cesare

    Sep 23rd

    Hope to win :)

  • Leye Ajibola

    Sep 23rd

    Until I saw this post, I wasnt aware of

    Thanks a million for this post as it has made me aware of a place to find quality templates.

  • Michael

    Sep 23rd

    great thing – I wanna win =)

  • Linda

    Sep 23rd

    same here :)

  • Cyndi in BC

    Sep 23rd

    A free template would be cool! thanks for the contest.

  • Chris W

    Sep 23rd

    Looks like some nice templates… Hope to win!

  • Alex

    Sep 23rd

    That’s my comment there!

  • Chris Moody

    Sep 23rd

    Sweet templates!

  • Steven Snell

    Sep 23rd

    You can pick any template, but it’s just one not three. There will be three winners and each will get to choose one template.

  • Omar

    Sep 23rd

    alright! this seems like an interesting give away, hope i win :D

  • Justin DiMucci

    Sep 23rd

    could always use some free templates.

  • Jefferson

    Sep 23rd

    Great Templates.


  • Abdelhadi

    Sep 23rd

    Great templates! Thanks for this very nice giveaway :)

  • Andy M

    Sep 23rd

    Awesome! The templates look great. Crossing my fingers…

  • Christophe Debouck

    Sep 23rd

    Looks very good. I always can use a template.

  • Neil Berry

    Sep 23rd

    Hope to win! Thanks TemplateWire!

  • Eric Granata

    Sep 23rd

    Boom! Entered.

  • Hasib

    Sep 23rd

    Nice templates.. Feeling luckhy.. ;)

  • mrashdi

    Sep 23rd

    Great offer!

  • Claudia

    Sep 23rd

    Wow! I want one :)

  • Ace Web Design

    Sep 23rd

    Great contest. Looks like a great website too.
    I’ve bookmarked it, and might join it later.

  • J. Olkowski

    Sep 23rd

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • J Macaulay

    Sep 24th

    Thanks for running the promo

  • bage

    Sep 24th

    I love to have a template…


  • Patrick

    Sep 24th

    Nice templates. I would definitely want one.

  • Daniel

    Sep 24th


  • 8207h32

    Sep 24th

    wow.. great opportunity..

  • ekseight

    Sep 24th

    Tada :)

  • Pedro Nunes

    Sep 24th

    I want one.

  • Adam

    Sep 24th

    Wow! Nice contest! Very sweet templates. Flash templates rocks!

  • Monique

    Sep 24th

    Cool! I’m always in for a free template :)

  • Sonali Agrawal

    Sep 24th

    Wow…this sounds awesome..All in for some templates…

  • Faisal

    Sep 24th

    wow…nice templates

  • Saan

    Sep 24th

    Nice templates

  • Raja Raman

    Sep 24th

    Nice Collection of templates.

    I love to own them.

  • MariusRugan

    Sep 24th

    can haz tmplts ?

  • hotmac

    Sep 25th

    It’s me! It’s me! It’s me! Yesyesyesssss! :-)

  • Irene Demetri

    Sep 25th

    A free template is always welcome! :)

  • mr.psiho

    Sep 25th

    I’m here! Nice templates. :)

  • Daniel Apt

    Sep 25th

    Haven’t heard of this site before, but this one’s a keeper!

    Btw, would love to win some awesome templates :D

  • nadine

    Sep 25th

    I’d love to win this! :)

  • Mustinet

    Sep 26th

    i have to win :D

  • Shri

    Sep 26th

    Would be cool if I would win, Need a new logo

  • Dave

    Sep 26th

    Hey this is worth a try. I’ll check out their website too.

  • Mars

    Sep 27th

    that was a good template for my future client hope to win

  • Raja Raman

    Sep 28th


    I am a Winner….

    I cannot beleive it…

    Thanks Steven.

  • Rahul - Web Guru

    Sep 29th

    This is a nice one. Congrats to the winners.

  • pit

    Dec 28th

    Very good site and templates but not free :)

  • lv bags

    Aug 8th

    Very nice design. Thx.

  • gymnastics resume

    Oct 5th

    Dr agatston better to see one get postings on this area, I have got to book scratch reading this website. Keep throughout the great do the trick.

  • PIT 37

    Jan 27th

    I would like to get one of them :) Really good themes…. bravissimo :)

  • Herbert Kindermann

    Mar 18th

    Great accumulation of templates ! The last one is beautiful and I will use at present in my latest wordpress website without css amendment.

  • Mika

    Jul 21st

    Cool. Just to share, you can also get other types of professional clip arts or logo templates, there are many ways to do so. I recently got some professional logo templates from and the logo design looked amazing. Plus they have an extensive clip art gallery as well. The process was fast and easy. Highly recommended. Anyway thanks for posting this!

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