Win 500 Rounded Business Cards from Next Day Flyers!

by Brant Wilson

May 18, 2011 in Site News

Next Day Flyers has offered to give one lucky reader a set of 500 rounded business cards.

About Next Day Flyers

Next Day Flyers is an online printing company that delivers top-quality printed marketing materials with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. They specialize in full color printing of custom business cards, brochures, greeting cards, postcards, as well as specialty die cuts and other marketing materials. They believe all businesses, no matter their size, deserve easy access to custom promotional and direct mail material.

Next Day is trusted by more than 100,000 customers. Next Day is more than just a name, it is a promise. All printed ready files that are approved by 6 PM PST are printed and ready to ship the next business day.

Here are some of the great services they offer:

  • Next Business Day Printing
  • Easy Online Ordering
  • Free Design Online Service
  • Free Specialized and Seasonal Templates
  • Next Day Flyers’ Blog with Design and Marketing Tips
  • Customer Care via Phone, Email, and Live Chat

Contest Rules

To enter this contest, simply make a comment on this post. Winner will be selected by random drawing on May 25, 2011. One entry per person. The contest is for 500 Rounded Corner Business Cards. They’ll be printed in full color on both sides and eligible to ship to the Continental US. Pictured below is a sample of what their rounded business cards look like.

So the next time you are in the market for business card printing or any of the other offset printing services be sure to think of Next Day Flyers! Good luck!

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About Brant Wilson

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  • Jennifer Breuss

    May 18th

    I would love to win the business cards… I’ll need them after I finish my last design class next week. Yay!

  • Oscar

    May 18th

    Hello, Here’s my comment!!!…. I hope I will be the winner!!! Cheers,

  • Larry W. Thompson

    May 18th

    i am currently starting a new photography company, 500 free cards would be a big help!

  • Chris

    May 18th

    I’m always looking for new printers. Would be a god way to check you guys out and bring you more business.

  • Paula

    May 18th

    This is awesome :-)

  • David

    May 18th

    This would be great since I just went from a company to freelancing. Maybe I’ll get luck :)

  • Matiss

    May 18th

    I would like to join in :)

  • James M

    May 18th

    Graduating from college in a couple weeks, this would be a great start to becoming a professional designer!

  • Jodi

    May 18th

    Love these! So cool…

  • Chris Koens

    May 18th

    I WOULD LOVE to have some business cards & these look great!

  • Alex

    May 18th

    Wow! Good luck everyone ;)

  • fahmi albaheth

    May 18th

    wow! what about who is from Middle east?

  • Adam

    May 18th

    Yes Please

  • Josh

    May 18th

    Who doesn’t enjoy free things?

  • Crista

    May 18th

    I just checked out the website. Pricing seems reasonable but shipping is a bit much for me. Still, I’d like to see the quality for myself. Who knows, might be worth it :)

  • John Goldie

    May 18th

    Love the business cards!

  • Josh Bartolomucci

    May 18th

    This would be an amazing win. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • طراحی وب سایت

    May 18th

    Cool. I love your posts.


  • Konstantinos

    May 18th

    I am ready…

  • Erez

    May 18th

    Comment :) Hope to win :)

  • shank

    May 18th

    Posting on the post, gonna win some stuff, la la la la la.

  • Vin Gaeta

    May 18th

    I’d love some business cards!!!

  • memo510

    May 18th

    id like some business cards :D

  • Sandoer

    May 18th

    These would be great!

  • Caryn

    May 18th

    Wow! Great contest… those look awesome – would love to win some!

  • Andre Duarte

    May 18th

    Cool cards! \o/
    I want 500 of those please!

  • Peter

    May 18th

    I’d like to win them ’cause it’s my birthday on May 25th!

  • Ben

    May 18th

    These would be very handy, im almost at the bottom of my current box of cards!

  • BOCO Creative

    May 18th

    Would love to win!!!

  • Jim Davis

    May 19th

    I need new cards. Perfect timing.

  • trza

    May 19th

    Round corners could be fun, I’ve got my design ready actually, I printed some a few weeks ago but they came out a bit off, this could redeem me.

    My card design is on my site

  • Adam Fred

    May 19th

    Not any other person I win your business cards.

  • Roland Mücke

    May 19th

    this rocks! :-)

  • Guigro

    May 19th

    Hi ! It would be nice to win, so I take my chance.
    Your site is very useful, I asked my staff to read it every day !!
    Continue this way ;)

  • Garry

    May 19th

    Wooooooooooooo a poor man dreams of this when starting out :)

  • David

    May 19th

    I just start my small business and it’s a great idea !!!

  • Rishi Luchun

    May 19th

    yes please!

  • ssan

    May 19th

    Would love to win!

  • LisaT

    May 19th

    Great way to check out a new printer, hope I win!

  • Ericka Seastrand

    May 19th

    I’m going to be printing business cards soon for a portfolio class. Would love to have this as a reward!

  • Elvia

    May 19th

    I would love new bussiness cards! :)

  • Jim Sexton

    May 19th

    And let the best man/woman win! Cheers!

  • Timothy Whalin

    May 19th

    Thanks for hosting this contest! Would be very useful to me as a designer and starting my freelance business. Thanks!

  • Matt L.

    May 19th

    Great! Would like to give Next Day Flyers a try!

  • Fredrik

    May 19th

    man i need some new once here to ;) do i have to live in the us or is sweden fine? :))

  • Mare

    May 19th

    This would be wonderful! Add me in!!! I’ll give Next Day Flyers a big thumbs UP!!! I’ll pass the word around.

  • Jamie Brown

    May 19th

    That’s fantastic! Signing up! :)

  • Zane M.

    May 19th

    Oh my goodness I’ve been needing some business cards for a while now :)

  • Preston Albrent

    May 19th

    Future graphic design graduate! Hope I win!

  • Piotr Markowiak

    May 20th

    Signing up! :P

  • Florencia

    May 20th


  • Lex Koff

    May 20th

    Business cards are really handy on conferences in spite of business social network boom. Will be glad to win this give away =)

  • Jen K

    May 21st

    Great contest!

  • Ana Medina

    May 22nd

    Would love to win this!

  • Pete Dulin

    May 22nd

    I’d like 500 reasons to show off the quality of Next Day Flyers’ work. And I am in need of business cards for a new business. Thanks!

  • Alanna Coca

    May 22nd

    Oh, full color on both sides would be great for my two pen names!

  • Michael

    May 22nd

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Camilla

    May 23rd

    I love everything rounded!!!!!!

  • Justin Moore-Brown

    May 23rd

    I’d LOVE me some free business cards. Perfect little promo pieces!

  • Kelsey Raymond

    May 24th

    Would love 500 business cards! I have yet to order some, though I’ve had it designed for MONTHS!

  • Jennifer

    May 24th

    I would LOVE to win some free business cards, thanks for the giveaway!

  • Sarah

    May 24th

    I would love to win the rounded business cards!

  • Michael Daum

    May 25th

    Am I too late? Thanks for the contest anyway.

  • Sunil

    May 29th

    Count me in!

  • Vin Gaeta

    May 31st

    Who won?

  • Simon

    Jun 12th

    Here is my comment. :D

  • Kelvin roger

    Jun 14th

    i wise to win this really awesome idea. Home Improvement

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