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It seems like it was only yesterday that the only way of getting commercial images to use in design, advertising, or blogging was to enlist the services of a professional photographer. The problem with that picture was the huge toll it took on everyone’s budget. Stock photo agencies saved the day by introducing an affordable and expedite alternative, and today I know lots of people who created accounts with more than one stock merchant. As for me, I have a favorite: YAY Images, which I sometimes refer to as Spotify for images. Every time you enter a keyword, the results page has advanced filters that cut your search short. If you look to the right, you’ll notice a visual search option. With that, you can just drag-and-drop any image – whether it comes from your own folders, from this website, or from the wide expanse of the Internet – and the search engine shows you items from the database that resemble it. 1

Here’s how the search engine looks. Looking for an image is an extremely straightforward action.



After you found the image that you want to use, you simply choose the pack that you want (streaming, digital or print) and that’s it.


An exclusive surprise awaits you at the end of this article. YAY has stock photos for online use, digital projects, or advertising agencies and whoever else works with printed materials on a regular basis. So, you can choose either of three membership plans, and cancel it anytime if you’re not happy. The Print subscription offers rich images of 3000PX for the monthly price of $99.90, whereas with Digital you can take as many as 1000 photos of 1500PX to use in apps/PowerPoints/e-books, and there are no daily limits – in exchange for $49.90/month.

The third option is for web-sized photos (700PX), and it rocks. Streaming only costs $9.90 per month, which has to be the most inexpensive solution on the market at this moment. Furthermore, you can paste a code with the image directly into your website or newsletter after you’ve modified it with their in-browser editor (which you can see in the image placed below).



In other words, you don’t just save money, but time as well; no more downloading, messing around with Photoshop, and uploading. YAY Images hosts your photos for an unlimited period of time (i.e. even if you cancel your subscription yourself, or after it has expired).

If you sign up for Streaming, connect your credit card and you won’t pay a dime during the first month. Here comes the exclusive coupon code! FREE_TRIAL_DESIGNMAG: use it for a free one-month trial with Streaming as I have only just mentioned, or tap into a 20% discount for Digital – or a10% one for Print.

Last but not least, indulge in a few gorgeous stock photos from this superlative marketplace:


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