Kicking off 2014 With The Leading Professional Website Creator, Webydo (sponsored)

Today, we wanted to share with you a trend setting website creator geared towards the professional website creator, called Webydo.

The majority of DIY website creators on the market are producing less than professional results, with not the best user interface, and leaving professional designers in limbo. They now must choose between finding a developer to work with and risk losing up 70% of their budget or turn to a DIY amateur website creator. However, a third route opened up to answer this need of the creative professionals, and that is Webydo.


Webydo allows designers to work independently, without having to rely on or hire a developer. They can now retain full creative control and not lose out on money once allocated to a third party.

When a designer creates a website using Webydo’s platform, they are not just designing the picture of the site, they are actually building the site. Webydo will automatically generate the code behind the scenes, while the designer is working in the project.

Let’s dive in and checkout what sets Webydo apart from the competition.



Webydo’s CMS or Content Management System is helping designers have more control over their website, while also giving access to their clients to work simultaneously. The site owner takes complete responsibility over the website, and can lock specific design elements so that when a client, let’s say, enters to edit a picture or text, they will not need to be concerned about tampering with the design of the website.

In addition, the site owner can white label or brand the CMS by adding in their or their clients’ logo to give it a more professional vibe.

Easy editing

The Design Management System or DMS that Webydo created will have designers feeling right at home, as the platform is made to feel like other design studio’s like ‘Photoshop’ or ‘InDesign’. Functions like easy replacement of text, insertion of graphics, changing images and videos, snap to grids guides, anchor links and more can allow for an efficient design process.


After finalizing the changes you can hit publish and the website will immediately go live.


The abbreviation above stands for ‘What You See Is What You Get’. As is the case with the design canvas, the integrated CMS editor truly follows the tradition of WYSIWYG. Any changes or edits that you make on the CMS canvas will be presented as it is to the people who will visit your website.

Webydo not only makes designing, managing and editing a website intuitive, but also has changed the game for cross platform functionality and editing control. Now, the designer can edit their site to site for the browser of mobile and tablet versions as well, and view changes on the fly.


There is some debate amongst the industry leaders as to how important SEO or search engine optimization really is for your website. Some say it is an absolute necessity while others argue that if you spend the same time and energy elsewhere, like writing guest posts and promoting your site on social media, you will see a higher return on investment.

If you are in the former camp, Webydo allows you and your clients to access SEO functionalities which will help you rank better in search engines. Search engine traffic is especially important if you want to make money through ads.

Even if you are in that camp, your clients may not be. They may want you to create a site with SEO in mind and so these features will help.


Webydo has an in-built feature which allows you to send branded invoices to your clients for your hard work, and not have to work with a third party platform.


Webydo was built by designers, for designers, and it is these 35K plus designers worldwide who are contributing to shaping the future of Webydo. They are actively submitting new feature recommendations, voting ones they like and watching as their suggestions are being transformed into reality, all from Webydo’s Participate page.

You can try out Webydo free today and see for yourself why more than 98K websites have been published with Webydo.


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