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Among the many web applications online there are dozens that capture our attention every day. Then there are others that seem bizzare or strange until you get up close and find the value within.

Web Standards Sherpa is an online tool for receiving critique and tips for best practices. You can submit any site for review and be given a detailed report from industry experts.

Each site will be reviewed based on a single page, and only one aspect of the page. It’s meant to gauge the user experience and quality of a site based on how it’s designed & how it functions.

Just visit the submission page and send your review request completely free of charge.

Many of the reviews are shared publicly to help other designers with similar questions. You might browse through a treasure trove of old reviews to hopefully find something relevant to your interests.

From the about page:

“The goal of WebStandardsSherpa.com is to provide web professionals the opportunity to receive feedback, glean advice and learn best practices from experts in the field to help them improve the quality of their own work.”

To get started visit the homepage or follow their official Twitter account @StandardsSherpa

Web Standards Sherpa website

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