33 Website Layouts using Creative Vector Icons

Vector design is the perfect way to jazz up a bland or simplistic layout. Nowadays designers can export SVG icons which naturally expand or animate for unique visual effects. Connecting a branded vector character into your company logo is a memorable way to capture attention. It certainly works for these websites!

Below you can find a number of excellent vector-based icons blended into typical website layouts. This is a solid collection of websites to understand how other designers create these effects. You might try designing your own Illustrator vectors for the web and see how they can improve overall visitor interactivity.

Metaverse Mod Squad

metaverse mod squad website open source layout


getmefast get me fast vector website layout

Michelle Lana

michelle lana illustrator portfolio layout


mailboxing vector logo website layout design

Taco Spillet

taco spillet tacospillet website vector

Latin Rogue Cleaning

latin rogue cleaning website layout vectors

Campbell Harrison

campbell harrison website character vectors

Old Loft

old loft web design agency website layout


viximo website vector artwork website game developers

Fork CMS

fork cms website vector king triton

Create Your Elf

create your elf website layout flash vectors


treehouse teaching website vector icons layout

These Are Things

these are things jen adrio omar noory website


octwelve website vector web design layout inspiration


vectips vector illustrator tutorial website blog


tweeki twitter app for windows website vector bird

Goralskiego Domku

goralskiego domku vector website layout inspiration

Timothee Cottier

timothee cottier website artist vector design

Dean Oakley

dean oakley web designer developer website vectors

Goin Nutty

goin nutty vector iphone app game landing page website


carbonmade website vector design icons inspiration


chubby grub website hamburger kid vector icon


informant portuguese website vector character icon


sr28 web design houston layout vector inspiration

Safe Driving Academy

safe driving academy vector artwork website inspiration


tineye website vector robot icon design

Sunday Best

sunday best designs website layout vector character

Ray’s Lab

rays lab vector website layout inspiration design


kailoon web designer vector shapes layouts


snailbird website vector grass landscape design


moo url cow vector icon shortener service website


hip inspire website gallery design inspiration

Stone Skipper

stone skipper iphone app website layout design

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