45 Beautiful Web Designs for Conferences & Creative Events

The sheer number of worldwide conferences has increased dramatically over the past few years. This must in part have something to do with the Internet and the ability to sell tickets from anywhere in the world. Thus a well-designed conference website is of vital importance to any event’s turnout and success rate.

In this gallery I’ve put together 45 examples of website layouts created for conferences and festivals. You’ll notice many common features like sponsored guests and ticket/lodging details. Each event will have its own unique energy and the website should promote this with confidence to sell tickets and build excitement. After all, without people willing to attend you’ve got no conference. And without conferences our world would be much different – a world deficient of brilliant keynotes and inspirational TED talks which provide thought-provoking concepts and hours of procrastination.

Salt Nashville

salt nashville conference website layout

Austin Film Festival

austin film festival website homepage

Nashville Screenwriters Conference

nashville screenwriters conference website

Brooklyn Beta

brooklyn beta 2013 conference website

MIA Animation Conference

mia animation conference festival website

Ottawa International Animation Festival

ottawa canada animation festival website


techweek website conference design layout

Creative Time Summit

creative time summit website homepage

The Conference

the conference 2014 web design inspiration


icon 2015 icon15 conference web design


sourcecon 2014 denver colorado conference

Midwest UX 2014

midwest ux 2014 web design conference

UX Week 2014

ux week 2014 user experience conference

UX Salon

ux salon 2014 conference website


ruby conference rubyconf homepage

Creative Arts Conference

storytellers creative arts conference website

CTN Animation Expo

ctn creative talent network animation expo website

Melbourne Animation Festival

melbourne australia animation festival website

Mobile+Web DevCon

mobile web development conference website

SmartWeb Conference

smartweb conference 2014 homepage web design


circles creative conference website homepage

Digital East

digital east conference 2014 dark homepage website


interaction conference 2014 amsterdam website


amsterdam festival homepage failcon conference

Web Summit

web summit tech conference website 2014

Game Developers Conference

gdc game developers conference homepage

Forge Conference

forge conference 2014 philadelphia website homepage


sxsw south by southwest 2015 homepage conference


breaking development conference bdconf website


wordcamp central wordpress conference website layout


lean ux 2015 conference website design


ux conference 2015 homepage layout


arrrrcamp 2014 ruby rails developers conference


uxsg ux conference singapore 2014

Lean Startup Conference

lean startup conference 2014 website


converge se conference 2014 website

Webstock 14

webstock conference 2014 website design

STL UX 2014

st louis ux conference 2014 website

HOW Conference

how design live conference 2015 website

London Design Festival

london design festival clean homepage website


chicago 2014 brand new conference website

HTML5 Developer Conference

html5 dev conference 2014 website homepage

DATA 2014

data 2014 conference design art technology awards website

Artifact Conference

artifact web designers developers conference website

Craft Conference

craft conference software development 2014 homepage

Jake is a researcher and writer on many design & digital art websites. He frequently writes on topics including UX design, content marketing, and project management. You can find more work on his portfolio and follow his latest tweets @jakerocheleau.

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