The 10 Best Tools For Web Development this Autumn

Finding the right tool isn’t always the easiest of tasks. When it comes to tools and resources devoted to web development and graphic or web design, there’s an abundance available. However, not all of them are worth your time, while others could improve the quality of your work tremendously.

We’ve taken it upon us to pick 10 of the tools we like best that are available right now and let you know all about them.

1. Muffin Group – BeTheme

betheme responsive

Muffin Group is a team of experts who create unique and user friendly WordPress templates. What sets them apart is their determination to offer only the best products to their community. One only needs to look at their flagship theme, BeTheme, in order to see that their determination has definitely paid off.

With more than 150 pre-made layouts one click away from use and 17 customizable header, this multi-purpose theme is guaranteed to supply your every need. BeTheme isn’t dubbed ‘The biggest WordPress theme ever’ for nothing. It comes with over 200 shortcodes that enable you to customize your website quickly and easily, it’s compatible with the most popular plugins for WordPress and it’s both E-commerce and multilingual ready. With all these features, it isn’t hard to understand how BeTheme has become so popular. But that’s not all you get when purchasing BeTheme, you are also guaranteed a lifetime of updates and one of the best support systems around that will help you with any and all issues you may have.

2. Artbees

artbees theme

Creating a website has never been so fun and easy as it can be now thanks to Artbees’ website builder, Jupiter. You can say goodbye to coding and instead simply rely on the amazing drag-and-drop feature to place your content in the right spot, while Jupiter will work backstage to deliver the content to your readers.

This highly versatile theme is compatible with all browsers and it is also designed for mobile screens and high resolution devices, so your website will look top notch at all times. Jupiter is packed with great features and dozens of templates; it’s a tool created by designers and for designers.

What’s more, this November comes with the release of Jupiter V5. This release brings even more amazing features: they’re introducing even more header styles, add-ons, Timeline, Shape dividers and shape icon boxes, there are more image hover styles and Google fonts included, new button styles as well as new WooCommerce capabilities and new contact form style for those who are running an E-commerce website. In addition to, Artbees hasn’t forgotten about the importance of social media today, so they are also enhancing Jupiter with Twitter blog post, Instagram blog post and Quote Blog post.

3. Argento

Argento magento

If you’re just opening your own E-commerce store and you want to hit the ground running, the Argento theme got you covered. This is a Magento template that has easily earned the reputation of the most advanced theme for Magento-powered websites ever created. Wondering why? Besides comprising over 15 top of the line Magento extensions, it’s based on CSS3, which makes it both fast and stylish. Argento ticks all the major requirements for a top notch template: it improves conversion rate without breaking a sweat, it looks impeccable on Android, iOS and Windows and it’s fully responsive. Are you ready to give your SEO a boost?

Argento was designed to be optimized for speed and thanks to this approach, it cuts down on the https requests and improves your load time. In addition to all these goodies, Argento customers can also benefit from free installation services. The free support extends to include guidelines and troubleshooting and the first month of full support and updates is completely free of charge.

4. Metronic – #1 Selling Ultimate Bootstrap Admin Theme


Metronic is the best tool to choose if you want an admin theme of high-quality, with a great scope and fully responsive. Whether you’re working on a custom admin panel, admin dashboard, E-commerce backend, CMS, CRM or SAAS, Metronic will provide all the necessary plugins and UI components that you need.

With more than 700 pages with unlimited designs and layouts and six complete admin themes, you simply cannot find a better fit for your needs. Metronic not only boasts clean code, it also has a sleek design, a powerful framework and throughout its three years of existence it has received raging reviews. Some of its most popular features include, custom UI tabs and accordions, Advance Form Layouts (Two Columns, Bordered, Row Separated, Row Stripped, Label Stripped), as well as the necessary elements for an E-commerce website (Dashboard, Orders, Order View, Products, Product Edit). It is also compatible with Bootstrap 3.3 and AngularJS 1.3, which means that you’ll be able to seamlessly develop responsive mobile websites.

5. Icons8


If you feel like your website or app is missing something, the answer might be a proper set of icons. These little guys are often underestimated and overlooked, but the pros know that in order to make a lasting impression on your users you need some neat icons to make your website memorable and your app intuitive and neat.

So, if icons are what you’re missing, you need the Icons8 App. This app gives you access to over 17,000 icons stored offline and also gives you basic editing tools for said icons. It would be impossible not to find something to match your website and personal preferences, especially since it holds a fast search option that is guaranteed to help you find what you need.

Their impressive collection of countless categories includes: clothing, animals, city, folders, objects, logos and maps, just to name a few. Also, the great majority of icons are created at the suggestion on community members, so you can rest assured they are functional and unique.

As soon as you find what you’re looking for, you will be able to export your choice to Photoshop, Xcode and others, recolor, resize and choose the format you need your icon in (SVG, PNG, PDF or EPS). What’s more, you can even choose the style of your icon from: Windows 10, Windows 8, iOS9, Android 4, Android 5 Lollipop, Flat Color icons.

6. FastWebHost

fastwebhosting website

Have you had enough of inefficient web hosting services that cost a lot and don’t deliver on their promises? Then you want a cost-effective and quality web hosting plan like FastWebHost. This provider is currently hosting over 200,000 websites for which they provide 24/7 support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. FastWebHost offers application hosting in cloud, which is a superior platform for website hosting. There is no setup fee for any of the FastWebHost hosting plans, and there is also a 30-day money back guarantee. There are three hosting plans for you to choose from: Value Plan (50 GB Web Space and a single domain), Business Plan (80 GB web space and unlimited domains) or Enterprise Plan (100 GB web space, unlimited domains and a free IP address).

Each one of the three offers unlimited bandwidth, free website builder and free domain parking. Do you need a domain transfer? No worries, that is free too. FastWebHost uses industrial-strength web server equipment for performance and reliability, including Intel Dual Xeons-based systems. All servers have at least 3GHz processors and 2×10 Gigabit Ethernet adapters, so you can rest assured that your website will be in great hands with FastWebHost!

7. Fire Checkout

Fire checkout magento

Online shopping is immensely popular nowadays because it is convenient, quick and easy. These are also the three attributes that the checkout page of an E-commerce website must have in order to keep its clients motivated to come back a second time.

With Fire Checkout, the Magento one click checkout, you can revolutionize your website’s checkout process today and increase your sales seamlessly. This is a Magento extension that you can install in a minute without any hassle. It is available in thirteen languages and it is also optimized for mobile devices, which means that it will run just as smoothly on laptops, mobile phones and tables.

You can customize Fire Checkout however you want in order for it to fit the profile of your shop. You can set the default payment and shipping methods, as well as change sort order of customer address fields via extension settings and enable or disable customer fields as you see fit. If you’re running several businesses, you can use Fire Checkout for several stores hosted on the same server. Your clients will love Fire Checkout as much as you will, as they can skip the shopping cart page and go directly to checkout and even set the date of delivery for their order. Support and updates are free for one year with the purchase of Fire Checkout, so make sure you don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity for your business.

8. actiPLANS

actiplans website

Whether we’re talking about a small family businesses or a multi-national company, keeping track of leave time is time consuming and tedious work. actiPLANS is here to replace endless Excel spreadsheets with a simpler, more efficient solution. Both managers and employees will benefit from this intuitive tool. actiPLANS is a leave time management software that enables you to request, approve, reject or modify a leave request with just a few clicks. No more being in the dark about which employees leave on holiday next week and what department is understaffed. This powerful leave time tracking tool keeps managers up to speed on available resources and sets up a persistent leave time history. Flexible PTO rules are what really make actiPLANS so attractive to all companies.

You can customize the program to suit any policy and automate leave time requests without sending emails back and forth. Combining employee features with manager features, speedy email notifications and customizable parameters, actiPLANS stands out of the crowd and is a real help both for small teams and large companies.

What’s more, it’s completely free for up to 5 users and it has a mobile app coming in November that will allow you to submit a leave request or informing your boss and colleagues when you are running late for work or want to leave early straight from your mobile phone.

9. actiTIME


actiTIME is a time-tracking and planning tool that will work wonders for any business, irrespective of its size or budget. It is easy to use and there is no learning curve needed. You and your co-workers will be able to enter data in a weekly timesheet that has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. The comment section will allow you to inform team members of any additional details that they should know, while the team leader will have the ability to review, correct and approve users’ time track just in one click.

Moreover, with the Time Locking feature, it’s possible to lock timesheet from further modifications individually for any user and for any period of time. Other great features are: detailed reports on staff performance, leave time, overtime, estimated vs. actual time – everything that you need to know in order to make sure that your company or project is functioning like a well-oiled machine. In addition to time tracking and planning, actiTIME is also of great use when it comes to control a budget, as this awesome tool allows accurate calculation of a project cost and staff salary, issuing invoices for the performed work and controlling your profit and loss. There’s also an actiTIME app that allows you to update your time track on the go.

Don’t hesitate to go to and start the 30-day online trial to see how your company will benefit from using actiTIME.

10. BugMuncher


If your work involves receiving feedback reports from your customers and fixing bugs, then you’re about to fall in love with this tool. BugMuncher is a program that rids you of the need to ask your customers to make screenshots and give detailed descriptions so that you can pinpoint the issue they are facing. Instead, the tool does everything for you. Don’t worry, there are no plugins to install.

BugMuncher will simply take a screenshot of what your customer sees and will also provide you with all the info you need to know to identify the source of the problem. All this data will be sent straight to your email inbox, including the user’s operating system, any Javascript errors (including stack trace), their browser, info about any installed plugins and the path the user took through your site. This way, you’ll have everything you need to recreate the conditions of the report and locate the issue faster.

Moreover, BugMuncher can integrate with a number of 3rd party tools including: Trello, Zendesk, Jira, GitHub and Zapier so that you can better keep track of issues.Say goodbye to endlessly sending emails back and forth and say hello to completing your tasks faster.


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