Simple Open Source CSS Multi-Level Accordion Menu

This beautiful CSS accordion menu is perfect for almost any website. You can download it straight from Codyhouse and even test a demo on the site.

It’s all built using CSS with multi-level menus appended inside the navigation. You can fit 3+ tiers of navigation into the one design as needed.

All of the code is completely free to download from the main tutorial page. You can follow along if you wish to learn how to actually build the menu from scratch.

On the live demo page you’ll find 2 versions: one with pure CSS and another relying on jQuery.

Naturally if you use jQuery it allows for extra animation effects. But either way both codebases can run smoothly on a litany of browser platforms.

To get started visit the Codyhouse post and download a copy for yourself. Then toy around with the code and see what you can build!

Codyhouse accordion menu

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