Icono offers Pure Open Source CSS Icons

Numerous iconfonts have been created and released for free online. But a new contender Icono is offering a way to build icons with a single line of code.

This free open source icon font library is downloadable from GitHub and runs on top of Sass with optional mixins. Once you get the library installed on your webpage you just call HTML elements with classes like “icono-mail” or “icono-hamburger”.

Each icon will be applied to a specific element whether it’s a span or paragraph. You can manipulate the background icon via CSS properties.

I’ve found numerous icon fonts that follow this same specification and they’re all wonderful. Icono is sure to be an excellent choice no matter what type of website you’re building.

Take a look at the landing page for more details and setup info. You can grab a full copy of the library from GitHub with install instructions included.

You can follow updates regarding the iconset on the official Twitter account @iconotweets.

Icono css fonts

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