Learn Markdown with Dillinger: A Free Web-Based Markdown Editor

Microsoft Word is the traditional editor for writing text and documents for all formats. But recently the Markdown language has become much more popular with the rise of GitHub.

Initially leraning to write in markdown can be a challenge. While it’s nothing close to learning JavaScript or Ruby, it can still be a chore to memorize the syntax.

Thankfully an online webapp named Dillinger offers a great way to practice. This is a completely free web-based markdown IDE for writing and editing markdown documents.

Dillinger has superb import/export options to give your markdown work portability. You can easily write about anything and save it locally, or upload a local file.

To learn the absolute basics you might want to check out a markdown teaching resource. But to put those skills to the test you’ll want to actually write up some documents, and Dillinger is the perfect app to do so.

Dillinger markdown editor

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