Screen Sizes webapp offers a Table of all Device Dimensions

Responsive web design has become one of the most useful tools in any designer’s toolbelt. Every modern website should rely on some responsive techniques and use them appropriately to serve all visitors.

The problem arises when trying to keep up with all the latest gadgets and touchscreen devices. Every year it seems like more and more devices are released with varying screen dimensions. Maintaining all that info in your head is pragmatically impossible.

Thankfully the webapp Screen Sizes offers a complete catalog of all devices – not just mobile screens, but tablets and even desktop monitors.

This website is perhaps the most comprehensive way to check a device’s pixel density, ratio, and max screen resolution in one sitting. It’s absolutely essential for anyone building mobile webapps or custom responsive websites.

It was created by the guys at Type/Code who wanted a simpler reference for all these growing screens.

By clicking any of the upper-right hand icons you can switch between different table listings for different devices.

If you have the time just take a peek to see what Screen Sizes has to offer. This may become one of your default bookmarks and even one of those web applications you simply can’t work without.

Screen Sizes web application

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