15 WordPress Themes That Will Rock 2015

E-commerce, portfolio, blog, single app or product presentation, company presentation – these are just a few of the website types you’ll have to get up and running this year. So, in 2015, web designers need to work with the absolute best tools.

The goal is to deliver top-notch results easier. Premium WordPress themes can help you cut down on the time you spend honing beautiful websites. In other words, they’ll make you more productive in the long run. You just have to know which themes serve your purposes better. If you’re interested in evaluating your options, you’re in the right place. I’ve compiled a roundup of 15 promising themes that you need to hear about.


X Theme


Picking an absolute favorite wasn’t easy, but I finally settled on X Theme because it’s the most versatile of the lot – a rather unfair observation, since Themeco’s customer service and devotion to web designers are equally compelling arguments.

X Theme is not a template. No way. It’s a conglomerate of individual designs that are up for live editing. Themeco named them Stacks, and vows to create Stacks until kingdom come. Right now, you can find four of them in the vaults – Integrity, Renew, Icon, and Ethos – plus 30-something demos. In a few days, the existing set of demos will see some updates, and you can have a look at some new ones as well.

Themeco Extensions are a more recent update (starting with X Theme 3.0). And you can do so much with these custom made and adjusted WordPress plugins. My favorites are Video Lock, Smooth Scrolling, Content Dock, Custom 404 and MailChimp Integration. The 15 Extensions are free, forever updated, and forever augmented!


BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme


Getting constant automatic updates to your WordPress theme is paramount. Muffin Group adds weekly updates to BeTheme, so it’s a good call to trust their theme with your client projects.

Another unwritten rule when working with WordPress themes is that they should allow you to integrate a variety of plugins. BeTheme checks that box, too. I can tell you for sure that theme users may integrate plugins like MailChimp, Yoast, WP Mobile Detect, bbPress, and Contact Form 7. Check out the 70+ demos.

Moving on to features unique to this multi-purpose theme, you’ll love the fact that it has 3 different page building options: with shortcodes, the Muffin Builder, or Visual Composer. So, you can choose the road most traveled, or try a new approach. Even more interesting, BeTheme lets you create a unique layout for every web page.




The next recommendation is slightly different. It deals with the WordPress themes that you’ve already installed, and isn’t an isolated solution per se. Qards is a plugin, a page building plugin. The large-impact plugin can be used to change anything about your website, no matter which theme you’re using. The fact that it simplifies that task to a great degree makes it a tool worth buying.

Imagine that you could work up a glorious interface design without getting anywhere near coding. Would you fancy that? With Qards, you can just add your website content directly. Simply put cards into place, and you’ll be alright. Qards also opens an in-line editor to change your cards completely.




In these times, professionals from every industry have to communicate their own personal brand to potential employers and clients. So, when you’re designing someone’s portfolio website, you play a big part in translating their unique identity online.

A theme like Brand-ed has unlimited color options, an icon set, and a live page builder to help you do that. You can also use a horizontal parallax effect, and the popular plugin Slider Revolution to create a visual user experience.




If you’re after a WordPress theme that’s easy to work with, yet doesn’t withhold the coding part – might as well give Divi a chance. It’s the most impressive theme created by Elegant Themes so far.

Option number one is to choose pre-styled layouts and create your website. Option number two is to actually mix Divi’s modules yourself, and obtain a unique layout every single time. The modules are accompanied by a built-in CSS box.


ROSA – An Exquisite Parallax WordPress Theme


Parallax backgrounds, animation transitions, and effects have established themselves as solid trends in the web design landscape during last year. They’re still very effective in terms of user experience, so it would make sense to adopt a parallax WordPress theme.

Rosa is a flexible solution, insofar as you can use it to craft photography websites, portfolios, or restaurant pages. It helps construct beautiful menus, and include OpenTable reservations for restaurants. You can use Rosa to create full-screen image galleries, and even add some fabulous typography animations.




When the time comes to create blogs for clients, the main idea is to let the content shine through. So, you don’t have to place a lot of emphasis on graphic design, and complex navigation is out of the question. Codilight is perfect for this type of projects, because it offers a clean-cut design, a code-free environment, and multiple theme options.

I particularly recommend Codilight for product, technology, and review websites. Trust me, you are going to appreciate the built-in review system provided by FameThemes.


Kallyas -Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme


Experiencing ease of use with a WordPress theme is a top priority for web designers. Only themes that have quality support and crystal clear documentation fall into that category. Kallyas is one of them, so feel free to use it for virtually any kind of project.

Kallyas has a great page builder, and tons of shortcodes that you can use. Besides, working with this theme means that you can install any language, and tweak colors as you wish.


Royal – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme


Who could say no to a majestic theme like Royal? Since it’s actually comprised of over 60 individual themes, you can see that it has many uses. The page builder from Royal is pure delight. In addition to that, 8theme included a set of custom shortcodes and widgets in their theme.

Even more importantly, Royal Theme has a wicked awesome Installer feature that can help users come up with a website in under 10 minutes. Remember this Installer, when you feel like your time is running out.


SnapShop – Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme


E-commerce projects require that you pay attention to making visitors’ stay on the website as welcoming as possible. If they’re using a mobile phone to navigate through your web store (and most likely, they are), make sure you give users a fast checkout process without any irksome sign-in requests.

SnapShop is a top-class theme for online shop creation. Some of the things you can do with it include pinning product images (WooMapper), previewing products with a Pinterest-like function, and filtering products smoothly.




Impreza is a universal WordPress theme with 430 Font Awesome Icons and 20 pre-defined balanced color styles. It gives you the option to add horizontal/vertical parallax backgrounds, and video backgrounds in the formats mp4, ogv, or webm. Impreza has a prompt customer service, and is useful for portfolios, WooCommerce projects, or company websites.




Ultimo is also great for e-shops, albeit only for Magento e-shops. It’s very fluid and it sports an advanced admin panel where you can go to customize everything down to the final detail. It’s immensely popular, despite being slightly more expensive than other themes. That’s because Ultimo has a fluid grid system and is multistore-ready.




8theme has done a stellar job with WooPress. It’s obvious from the first glance that WooPress follows the now mainstream trend of flat design. You can use this theme to construct trendy-looking web shops, regardless of their nature. Plus, users consistently reported that working with WooPress is a breeze.


Opus – Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme


One more theme you might like to try this year is Opus. Take a mental note to use it the next time you’re setting out to design a business website, portfolio, or blog. You would enjoy operating its WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop page builder. Opus unlocks 100 shortcodes for your convenience, too.


Circle Flip – Responsive WordPress Multipurpose Theme


As I already mentioned, flat design is ubiquitous nowadays. Nowhere is this direction in web design more visible than in Circle Flip. You can reach out for this theme when constructing magazine blogs, and relish in the simple page builder. Circle Flip also gives you the opportunity of assessing it with full demo access, before you buy.



It seems that WordPress themes are evolving, and they’re evolving fast. In 2015, great things will happen. We should be expecting to see more advanced features packed into premium themes as this year unfolds. Now, nothing stands in the way of web designers as they craft websites effectively and get more productive.



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