25 Practical Ways to Get More Traffic To Your WordPress Blog

Setting up a blog and writing content is easy. It is how you get more traffic to visit your blog that is hard. It takes patience and a lot of determination to get a high rank for your website. You can’t automatically expect that simply because you set your WordPress blog live then everyone else would know about it. It’s like giving birth to a baby, you would have to painstakingly take care of it, teach it how to crawl then walk. Eventually that baby will grow up and will be walking around and talking to you. Same applies to blogs. You can’t expect it to give you results straight away and you need to be patient to feed it with what it needs in order for it to enjoy having more traffic.

WordPress is a great venue to create your own blog as it offers features that will help you in building your audience. There are different ways to get traffic for your WordPress blog. What you want is quality traffic from your target audience. Here are the 25 practical ways to get more traffic to your WordPress blog.

Importance of the About Page

Every WordPress blog has an About Page. Make sure you write something here to give the audience an idea what your blog is all about. You can give them information about who you are and why you created your blog. This makes your blog more meaningful and not generic so they won’t feel disappointed when they don’t have any knowledge who you are and what your reason is for blogging. It’s giving your audience a more personal touch. It’s like going to talk to a stranger you have to first introduce yourself if you don’t want them to walk away from you.

Quality Content is Important

We can’t emphasize this well enough. The key to a successful blog really boils down to your content. Make sure you write well. Write the thoughts well and make sure it’s readable. If you need to get someone else to write for you, make sure you get a good writer. What’s the use of all your efforts to promote your blog if visitors wouldn’t want to ever visit your blog again because they can’t understand the posts?

Write Regularly

Visitors want to read fresh posts every time they come to visit a site. If you do get traffic, you want them to keep on coming back. You will lose traffic when they come back to visit your blog and they’re still faced with the same contents. You don’t need to write new posts every hour but if you can, it would be best to update your blog daily. If that’s too much work for you, you can either hire someone to write or you can set your updates on a weekly basis. The progress and growth of your traffic will be slow but at least visitors would know when to expect fresh new contents from you.

Choose the Title of Your Blog Posts Carefully

Aside from writing well, it’s also important to have catchy blog titles. Make sure the title is catchy, short and will hook people’s attention right away. It’s like a headline you read from a newspaper. If it catches your attention then you’d most likely read the content.

If you would link your post to other sites such as Twitter, the only thing readers will read would be the title and they have to click that in order to be redirected to your blog post. If the title is boring, you would most likely not get anyone to click the link.

Publicize Must Be Turned On

This is something that WordPress blog offers you. By turning this on you will automatically be sharing all your blog posts through networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Whenever you publish a blog post you are automatically reaching through the people you’re linked with in these networking sites. Instantly they will get updated that you already published a new post and they may want to check it out and read what you’ve written. For this reason, it’s great to link it to your accounts with many people connected to you.

Sharing Must Also Be Turned On

Sure you can get visitors when you share your own content to your other accounts. But why limit yourself? Why not let other people do that too? It’s like posts on Facebook that can be shared around by other people, when you turn on the Sharing feature then you allow other people to help circulate your post for you as well. This happens when they find your post interesting enough to be shared for other people to read through as well. And here’s where the quality of content matters.

Try Guest Posting

This is another way to get more traffic to your blog. You simply have to search for other blogs that have the same niche as yours. There are many blogs that allows guest posting. There are small blogs and big blogs so it depends on you where you want to make blog posts.

If you target small blogs you will get your post approved quickly but then you won’t end up getting a lot of traffic from them. You can create several blog posts a day and distribute it to several small blogs and you can get a good amount of traffic from that technique. But, if you want to exert less effort in creating unique contents and want to get a lot of traffic then you need to target the big blogs.  The only downfall here is that with the number of guest posters, your post may be accepted or rejected and it takes awhile before your post will go live. Patience is key. Make sure your post is interesting and well written.

Blog Commenting

Bloggers love receiving comments on their posts and this is another venue where you too could receive traffic to your own blog. Make sure you post relevant comments though that will lure other visitors to visit your blog and see what you have to offer.

In a comment you post, make sure you write your name and the link to your own blog. When they find your comment interesting and want to learn more about you and what your blog is about, they’d click your link and they’ll be redirected to your own WordPress blog.

Comment Response

If you happen to publish a post and you receive comments, it would be nice to give them a response.  Your visitors would love it if they hear from you again and answer what they have to say. You can even simply respond to their comment by saying thank you or hope to see them visiting your blog again.

A personal touch will always make people feel good and would want to keep on coming back to read more of your posts. Give importance to your readers and they’ll show appreciation to you too by visiting your blog again and again.

Blog Linking

This is another way to get some traffic to your blog. WordPress blogs and other blogs allow you to link with other blogs. There’s a side bar for links. If you are linked to as many blogs as you can, you will also get some traffic from that. It won’t take much effort from you. Just try to link your blog to at least 1 other blog each day if you can and eventually you’ll find some traffic generating from these other links. Link exchange is common. They’d want to link their blog to yours so you can link your blog to theirs as well. It’s a win-win situation.

Forum Posting

Not a lot of bloggers want to follow this technique but it really works. It can just get really tiresome to do this and you need to show some dedication to your posts for it to reach a wide audience. There are a lot of people who join forums and want to learn more from people who are sharing the same interests as they do. Find forums related to your blog’s niche and try to be an active member. You can link your posts to your own blog and when other Forum members see your post and become interested they may want to click the link and be redirected to your own WordPress blog.

Email Subscription

WordPress blog lets you insert the subscription widget on your blog so they can choose to get notified through Email when you posted something new.  You may be surprised how much traffic you can generate from email subscription.

Traffic Purchase

If you don’t want to pay for traffic then you have to do it the hard way. But if you want to jumpstart your blog and have a few dollars to spare then you can opt to pay for traffic. StumbleUpon is a great start with rates as low as $0.05 for every unique visitor.  Google Adsense is another great way to get your blog noticed if you are willing to pay for exposure.

Be Ahead with Your Posts

If something big is happening, you would want to be ahead and start posting about it. An example is when there’s an upcoming sporting event like the NBA play-off or a much anticipated boxing fight. By posting about these events you can generate great traffic as a lot of people are interested about them. Make sure your content is relevant and interesting.

Write Press Releases

Press releases are effective in generating traffic as long as it’s written well. If your story is interesting and unique the more that people would want to visit your WordPress blog. There are many websites that lets you post press releases and the more popular the site is, the more visitors that can check out your press release post and you might just be surprised with the number of visitors you’d get.

Social Bookmarking with Digg or StumbleUpon

These social bookmarking sites are very interesting and helps generate traffic. Whenever you post a blog, make sure you send it to these bookmarking sites. When people like your link they may want to subscribe to you. With Digg, for example, the more people like your link and start digging it, the more chance that your post will reach the front page and that can generate huge amount of traffic to your blog.

Take Post Requests

If you already have a good amount of traffic to your WordPress blog and want to engage them more to your blog and don’t want to lose them, you can take post requests. Ask for what topic they want you to talk about or if they have any suggestions. If they start giving you post requests, you can choose which requests you’ll grant and make sure to let them know that you listened to what they asked you. This will make them more interested with your blog.

Importance of Images

There are a lot of readers who get to be more engaged with the blogs if they see photos. Add photos to your content to make it more interesting.

Add Polls

There are many visitors who like answering polls. It helps engage them more to your blog if you put a poll there so they could vote. What’s great about this is they would most likely visit again to check the tally results.

Be Artistic

WordPress lets you personalize the look of your blog. There are many available themes to choose from that are either free or at an affordable price. When the look of your blog is catchy, people can be more attracted to it.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and in WordPress blog you just need to install the SEO pack plugin and it will do the optimization for you. It will optimize the description and the titles of your posts and also with the contents. It will look for target keywords and will help your blog rank higher in search engine results. SEO is very important so when online users try to search for keywords in their favorite search engine, your link will be shown in the results. It may be too much to yearn to be in the first page straight away but the closer you are to hitting the first page means you are probably going to get more unique hits too.

Make Use of YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular sites today. If you happen to be a vlogger then this will no longer be a problem for you. You can use YouTube to promote your own WordPress blog by simply plugging it into your own videos. You need to be very creative though. You’d want to have as many views as possible so you can get more people to see the link and the probability of checking your blog.

Offer Fun Contests

If you need a quick splurge of visitors, having a contest will surely do that. Anybody would want to have a chance to win something.  The downfall to this though is that when the contest is over, most of these visitors wouldn’t be coming back. Avoid this by luring them with the quality of your content. Your creativity will make these visitors come back to your WordPress blog.

Ask Online Friends for Help

If you have friends who are also actively going online, you can ask them to help you promote your WordPress blog too. If you have 100 friends on Facebook and you ask them to share about your blog, chances are they will have other friends who’d come and visit your site. You can even start with this step since it deals with the people in your circle already.

Lastly, Be Very Patient

There are many benefits to having a popular blog. You can even earn a good deal of money from your blog if you are getting a lot of visitors already. Don’t expect to get a popular blog right away because if it’s really that easy, everyone would have their own popular blogs by now. Be very patient and accept that there will be disappointments along the way. Just keep your blog active and interesting and eventually, the popularity will catch up.


Those are the 25 practical ways to get more traffic to your WordPress blog. If you follow all these steps, surely you will be generating a good deal of traffic to your site. But, don’t forget that the popular blogs out there had been grown to become what they are today. It takes dedication, patience, hard work and most of all, love in order for your blog to survive the online world.

Just continue to do what you can to generate more traffic for your blog. Nothing’s too small of an effort if it will help you reach more audience. The progress would be slow at first but eventually, if you haven’t given up yet, your blog will start ranking up and more visitors would come to check out what your blog has to offer.


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