High-Quality Premium Magazine Themes for WordPress

I have seen countless launches of amazing WordPress magazine websites. These have been gaining more traction over the past few months and now there are so many brand new premium themes being created. With more demand comes more supply, and it should be obvious how many webmasters are launching their own online magazines.

In this gallery I want to present 25 extremely high-quality WordPress magazine & blog themes. You can utilize these for any content niche as long as the site is maintained like a blog. The frontpage will always feature new posts, along with some other extra widgets. Plus the more complicated themes will generally have a unique settings panel located within wp-admin. Check out this collection and see if you can use anything for yourself.

The Oracle

the oracle premium wordpress theme

The Oracle theme is a blog/magazine style website using a homepage image slider. This is fairly common among other magazine themes, but the content loads very quickly. You will also have access to button shortcodes and custom page widgets. The design is more tech-based than anything else but it does look fantastic on-screen.


pure white wordpress blog theme

Another great choice from Themetrust is their Pure theme. This is based more around page typography with big headers and big paragraphs. The homepage image slider is built around a grid system spanning the content area plus the sidebar. A very minimalist approach which uses typography as the focal point on each page.


source gaming weblog layout theme

Using TheSource as your magazine theme may come across a bit cluttered unless you have lots of content. The homepage area is practically littered with new posts from various categories. But thankfully the color scheme and featured images break up the links into an orderly layout. The theme comes with four unique colors and a small image slideshow on the homepage.


wordpress premium theme delicatenews

DelicateNews is another blog theme released with minimalism in mind. The logo itself does look a lot like a magazine, with the folded bookmark texture. Also each custom header area is using a unique fontface which you can define in the backend styles.


gaming wordpress premium theme dark

eGamer is a typical gaming blog website layout, as you might imagine from the name. It uses a darker background with a dark center area among lighter text styles. This is perfect for any new video game projects, blogs, or otherwise. Check out the live demo to get a feel of how the content works.


dark wordpress premium theme grungemag layout

Definitely another pick for more complicated blogs, GrungeMag is a 2-column theme using dark and bright colors. Red, tan, and black are commonly mixed together between the header and footer sections of the page. Additionally the whole theme is widgetized so you can move around various elements on the page.


minimal website blog layout theme premium

For those who enjoy minimalism I would definitely recommend Magnificent. This WordPress premium theme by Elegant Themes is one of the simplest installations you will work with. The top navigation menu is easy to customize right from the WP admin panel. And the featured image thumbnails can be used in a few various widgets that are predefined within the theme.


dark magazine theme boxes website layout

TheStyle is a more offbeat WordPress theme catering to celebrity news, hollywood, movies, and other forms of entertainment. It uses a block-style layout with content shared in each box. These include featured images which variate between the different widths. You will notice this in the live demo and as you switch between page views.


news source blog website theme dark premium

eNews is a darker WordPress premium theme which gives off the feeling of a newspaper. You actually have a choice between 2 top navigations, one above and another below the heading. The homepage is also split up into various forms of the blog post listing. It looks great when you include featured thumbnail images, too.

Rojo Theme

rojo responsive magazine wordpress

This Rojo Responsive WordPress theme is possibly my favorite abstract design from the entire set. It is built to be responsive for any screen size, but there are also lots of extra content areas. When you scale back up onto a fullscreen monitor you will notice a lot of extra homepage columns. Definitely the perfect WP magazine theme for more offbeat news.


litepress wordpress premium magazine theme

The LitePress magazine theme is a lighter, minimalist approach to blogging. The colors of grey and white are sewn around the navigation and footer sections. Additionally you can find widgets using the darker grey backgrounds to stand out from the other article text. It is unique but may not fit perfectly into every project.


dark portfolio theme axiom website template

I really like Axiom ever since I first saw this theme in ThemeForest. It is a much darker WordPress blogging setup where the content is easy to skim. The template itself actually comes with 4 various color schemes that you can pick between. Featured images also play a big role in this design – it is perfect for a photography-based weblog.


website wordpress theme layout premium

As the name might suggest Typegrid is a WordPress magazine theme using a formatted grid layout. The whole design is responsive and will adjust with your mobile device. Also the content is easily adjustable from the backend WP-Admin panel. I would highly recommend this theme for any new magazine just launching and testing the waters.

News Trick

I also really like News Trick for the same reasons as above. You can install this theme onto practically any website layout and it should look amazing. There is a sidebar column for breaking news which updates and scrolls automatically along with the featured image slider. Take a peek at the live demo to see how much stuff is included within this design.


premium ciola wordpress magazine theme

Ciola is a more offbeat WordPress magazine theme which focuses on darker and lighter colors together. The contrast is beautiful and although it may look boring to some, it is a brilliant design used in the right setting. Much of the content is taken up with WordPress featured image thumbnails as they fit nicely into the website layout.


magazine wordpress theme blogmag

BlogMag is a fairly generic name for a premium theme but it actually surprised me in many areas. The top horizontal navigation is built to support a dropdown menu, which is amazing if you have a longer hierarchy of links. This theme also has a breaking news feature which scrolls along the top of the page. It’s great for typical world news and politics, along with other industries with a lot of new content.


magazine wordpress theme powermag design

PowerMag is one of my favorite magazine themes because of the complexity. You can fit a number of posts onto the frontpage. There are breaking news widgets, category listings, even a calendar interface. PowerMag is a very detailed magazine and it will work on some specific projects. But understand that you will need to provide a lot of content for it to fill out nicely.


Bloggit still reminds me of the classic ProBlogger website. You could setup your own blogging tips magazine and write about almost any topic of freelancing, design, development, marketing, and really anything. This theme also has a featured news widget that scrolls through automatically on the homepage. But check out some of the other features on the details page and you may really enjoy this theme.


flavor responsive wordpress premium theme

Flavor Magazine theme is a great premium theme for responsive websites. Your magazine will have all the typical frontpage amenities like an image slider, content boxes, and featured category listings. But you can also resize the layout to fit into any tablet or smartphone device. The backend also has support for user ratings which may come in handy over time.


elegant wordpress premium theme layout

Jarida WordPress theme has an elegant feeling to the whole layout. The default logo is written in a nice script font, along with some of the finer details in the page. I find the ratings system a little confusing in this template because it doesn’t explain how users are ranking posts. But the design itself is superb and worth a peek if you are interested.

Metro Mag

flat metro design wordpress theme

Speaking on the popularity of metro-style websites, here we have MetroMag as a premium WordPress theme. This is a fantastic option if you are looking for a flatter user interface. Typically these designs will focus on the webpage typography and help the images jump off the page.


black white minimal magazine layout newsroom

Newsroom is a premium WordPress theme for more advanced magazines. This looks like your typical newsroom magazine with a big featured heading, along with some other articles following the same category. Also the horizontal navigation menu is using dropdown links within the page design. Excellent for a big hierarchy if you need a multitude of pages.


wordpress responsive magazine blog theme

A cute name like Cherry really stands out when browsing through these blog themes. Cherry is also designed with a fantastic dropdown menu effect, along with an image slider on the homepage. There are plenty of great jQuery widgets you will notice in this theme. And it can fit into almost any topic so it’s great for generic blogs.


premium blogging theme crossroad wordpress

CrossRoad WordPress theme is bright and catchy. You really want to check out the thumbnail images and read deeper into each article but the theme makes it easy. My specific preference is for the defined typography and color scheme on each page. The unique box-style layout is great if you know the type of website you are building.


premium magazine blog theme wordpress voxis

The Voxis theme is a responsive magazine designed for all mobile devices. The full-width design looks amazing on a desktop monitor. You can also squeeze in larger advertising units within the same block of space. But the homepage featured articles slideshow is easily my favorite example of the entire set. Check out the live demo and you’ll see what I mean.


Magazines are growing in popularity because more users are interested in consuming information. There is a critical mass of new people all around the world getting onto the Internet and searching Google for, well, practically anything. By hosting your own blog or magazine online you are offering unique content which is relatable to other people’s search queries. And I think any of these themes would be a welcome addition to a newly launched WordPress website.

Jake is a researcher and writer on many design & digital art websites. He frequently writes on topics including UX design, content marketing, and project management. You can find more work on his portfolio and follow his latest tweets @jakerocheleau.

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