Insights, Tips, and Recommended Themes to Create an Excellent eCommerce Experience

Attractive product packaging, useful product-related information, and a streamlined checkout process can combine to give your online store’s customers a shopping experience that encourages repeat visits, and visits by word-of-mouth customers as well. Follow the insights and tips offered here, and give careful consideration to our WordPress theme recommendations, and you could easily become the proud owner of an eCommerce website that both your customers and the search engines will love.

Create an Excellent Online Shopping Experience



In order to create an excellent online shopping experience, you should always keep the following in mind:

  • Great User Experience – Having products that are in demand is of course of paramount importance, but how you promote and display those products is also important for driving sales. Make sure any information that is pertinent to a product you are promoting is either prominently displayed or is accessible with a click. An informed customer is more likely to become a paying customer.
  • Related Products – It never hurts your business when customers place an extra item or two in their shopping cart because you’ve given them a few suggestions or options. Examples of related products could include other makes or models, a selection of sizes and colors, or spare parts and accessories. Meaningful product suggestions or recommendations will often sell themselves, and your customers tend to appreciate your extra effort.
  • Great Product Photos – While it may be a challenge for some products, make an effort to show photos that tell a story, or at least show a product in its best light. Since customers cannot touch or feel your products, incorporate zoom or rotation features into your images.
  • Good Site Search Good navigation is important, but a site search capability that takes a customer directly to a product or a product line is often a better approach than requiring your visitor to drill down to a particular product.

Take Advantage of a Top-Notch WP Theme – Incorporating some of the preceding tips into your design will obviously take some work, so it only makes sense to choose a tool, in this case a premium eCommerce WordPress theme, does the hard work for you, and here are some of the best.



The WordPress theme you choose should have all of the features you need to create a world-class eCommerce website. You will want it to be user friendly, extremely flexible, and offer excellent 24/7 support. Finding such a theme could be a difficult task. Fortunately, a solution to your search problem is close at hand, and that solution is Atelier.

This multipurpose eCommerce-oriented WordPress theme is an ideal choice for web designers who are intent on creating slick and satisfying shopping experiences for their clients and customers. The layouts are elegant, and everything you need to get your online store up and running quickly is at your fingertips.

Features include 12 high quality layout demos, 80+ layout variations, 3 cart styles, 5 product display types, 3 product page types, and a host of fonts, icons, and other design elements. You can expect 5-star support as well.

Atelier is a relative newcomer to the eCommerce multipurpose theme world, but it has quickly made its mark, and is already one of the most popular WordPress themes, if not the most popular, that addresses the online shopping niche.





If you are looking for an eCommerce WordPress theme whose design is based on real-world experiences, give Shopkeeper a close look. This multipurpose theme’s design is based on feedback from thousands of ThemeForest customers. The features you need to build an online store are all there, and there is an impressive array of other features that will help you manage your store once you go on line. Since Shopkeeper is powered by WooCommerce, you can create a website that can sell practically anything online, collect payments, manage inventories, and perform the other tasks necessary to keep your business running smoothly.

This theme has too many features to describe here, but you will find plenty of pre-built, customizable layouts, engaging portfolio styles, impressive portfolio functionality, Revolution Slider, Visual Composer, and the full range of Google web fonts – and that’s just for starters.


Enfold WordPress Theme


Enfold enjoys the best rating of ThemeForest’s top sellers, which is not surprising given the fact that this premium eCommerce theme is characterized by its ease of use. The user friendliness of the drag and drop layout editor alone makes this multipurpose theme suitable for any skill level. A novice can take the predefined content, and using the page builder together with this theme’s many other features, build an eCommerce website that is fully capable of drawing in shoppers in a minimal amount of time, including those who do their shopping from their mobile devices.

Veteran website designers will quickly discover this theme is real time-saver. There is no rocket science involved in using Enfold, and you can expect awesome support. Just ask any of this theme’s 56,000 customers about its level of performance and you can expect a definite thumbs up.

Kallyas Theme V 4.0



This ultra-premium, highly-customizable WordPress theme is advertised as being the one of the most complete themes ever created, and once you browse its impressive list of features, you are likely to agree. You will be able to create virtually any type of eCommerce website you have in mind. The only thing more impressive than the layouts, and admin panel, and the page builder may be the huge variety of sliders or the working WooCommerce shopping cart whose function is a step ahead when compared with the shopping cart features offered by other themes. The Kallyas multipurpose eCommerce theme is definitely worth a look.



adot is a modern, clean eCommerce WordPress theme that will not only make building your online store an easy task, but makes the shopping experience easy for your customers as well. This theme’s authors have taken a somewhat minimalist approach to their demo designs, an approach you will learn to appreciate. The cart and checkout process design is focused on providing an excellent user experience, and adot’s ready-to-go portfolio styles offer an impressive variety of shopping page options to work with.

Don’t Neglect These Insights


Your new online store is up and running and ready to go, but before you are ready to open your door for business there are several things that should not be left unattended to.

Customer Reviews

Make sure your online store has a customer review page. Shoppers appreciate seeing what others say about the products they are interested in, and they also appreciate the opportunity to offer their own reviews. Reviews give your online store a more personal touch.

Mobile Optimized

Don’t neglect the fact that nearly half of the online shoppers do so from their mobile devices. If your website is not mobile optimized, those shopping with mobile devices could find your presentations suboptimal at best and navigation cumbersome.

FAQ Pages

FAQ pages are one of the ways in which you can provide great customer support. FAQ pages can save your customers time and save you time as well. See what other websites’ FAQ pages have to offer and design your own pages accordingly.

Easy Checkout

Dealing with a cumbersome online checkout process can ruin a good shopping experience. Making the process as straightforward as possible will keep the number of abandoned shopping carts to a minimum.

Fast Load Time

If your website pages take more than 3 seconds to load, you can expect about 4 of every 10 potential shoppers to go elsewhere. Slow loading pages can hurt your search engine rankings as well. Test your website page load times with Page Speed before going online.


Take a closer look at each of the aforementioned premium eCommerce WordPress themes to see which one might serve you best, although any one of them would be an excellent choice. Give some attention to the tips we have offered, don’t neglect any of the important things cited, and your web store should be a success. Share your thoughts with us about the eCommerce theme of your choice.








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