20 Useful Examples of Cardboard Texture

1.Cardboard texture

This is an collection by Carlbert.


20 Brain Logos for Inspiration

Today we are featuring some brain logos. Yes, it is strange but take a look! Enjoy!

1. Brain Pickers


20 Best Responsive Web Designs

A website is considered responsive when it is designed in such a way so that the viewers can read the content of the website, navigate through it with easy from different kinds of devices like Android phones or Smartphones, computers, tablets and other such gadgets. Since the number of mobile internet users are increasing at a fast pace, the webmasters should also take some serious steps to provide the browser with the best experience so that they take the initiative to come back to your site time and again.

Create An Online Store With IzzoNet

There are many reasons that make the online shopping popular. Firstly customers get things at a cheaper price online than what they get offline mainly because the seller doesn’t have to rent a large space for his “real” shop, doesn’t have to spend money on air conditioners, electricity bills, decorations, etc. Secondly, customers can surf […]

45 Portfolio Sites

Today we are featuring 45 design portfolio sites. Enjoy!

1. Alex Franco

My name is Alex franco, born in Boston but I have been moving around since I was 6 years old. My interests include anything from listening to music to my current carrier path,Graphic designing.


30 Examples of Surreal Artwork

Today we have collected some imaginative and surreal artwork. Enjoy!

1. Agnieszka-Filipowska


Why It Is so Important to Monitor Your Website

Being no.1 in a specific field is difficult and no matter the conditions, it requires sacrifices. Nonetheless, it’s ten times more complicated to keep yourself in a leading position. The same idea may be applied to any website, with a good advertising campaign and just a little bit of good luck it may become the favorite of readers and search engine spiders’. The website monitoring and maintenance is a very challenging matter and paradoxically, people and even specialists usually ignore it. Many people interested in having a cool website invest a good amount of money in designing it believing that is just enough. Unfortunately, the launching of a website is only the tip of the iceberg; having a good maintenance is the solution to keep visitors coming back to see the novelties. Google appreciates the trend of being merely under changes, therefore here is another important reason to pay attention to the maintenance of your website.

In this context it’s obvious that there is a great difference between owning a website and owning a high-visited one. The general opinion of the experts is that a good maintenance is depending on the existence of a reliable strategy and this post will present the first steps in establishing it and why it is important to do so. Definitely, you can’t be successful if you don’t have full control over the state of your website. The matter of monitoring is crucial and tips bellow will make you understand and see the big picture of the situation.

1. Any website has unexpected issues


55 Exceptional Examples of Bokeh Photography

Bokeh is a Japanese word that in English we know as blur. Bokeh has become a very popular effect in photography. It’s easy to create and makes for impressive photos. In this post we are showcasing 55 outstanding examples of Bokeh photography. Enjoy! 1. Pink Rose in the Bottle 2. Bokeh Spray 3. Beautiful lady […]