29 Music & Band Related Themes

The ultimate collection of music and band related themes.  Sell your music, play your music, and even provide touring dates for your fans.  With this collection of 29 music related themes, you’ll find the perfect theme to promote your musical talent.

1. JSN Neon – Joomla Music Theme & JomSocial


33 Versatile Landing Page Themes

Whether you need a theme to showcase a product that hasn’t launched yet, or even if you have a product that is ready to launch, this collection of 33 themes will give you the selection you need for the optimal landing page.

1. JustLanded – WordPress Landing Page


35 Food Related Themes for your Restaurant

With restaurant’s everywhere we look, it only makes sense that they make themselves known online as well as they are in person. Too many small business owners look the other way when it comes to their website and could be loosing out on valuable customers in the process. With these 35 food related themes, you will come across something that fits with what you envisioned for your own business, and get the online presence you deserve.

1. MyCuisine Restaurant WordPress Theme


30 Mobile App Landing Page Templates

With the growing popularity in all things app related, you will want a destination for potential users to preview what your latest creation can do.  A simple landing page displaying the main features of your application is just what you need to lure prospective users into downloading your app. In todays post I’ll share with you 30 mobile app landing pages that can help highlight your new product offering.

1. App Shopper – Responsive App and Software


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35 Virtual Business Card / Resume Website Themes

Virtual Business Cards, also referred to as vCards, generally provide the user with the information you might find on a potential clients business card, resume, or cover letter.  They also can provide examples of any previous work they may have completed. While these could still be considered portfolio websites, there is usually a subtle distinction between the two. On vCards, layouts generally outline information by a similar set of rules as a printed resume, while many generic portfolio layouts will exclude the finer details.  As you will notice by browsing the 35 themes I’ve outlined below, you may find an advantage in setting up your site in a similar style.

1. MyResume WordPress Theme


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26 Real Estate Website Themes

Having an easy to navigate, as well as easy to update website is ideal for a real estate website.  With listings needing to be updated weekly, you need a clean and organized way to display your content to prospective buyers. A well designed website can be the difference in making a sale, or missing one.  In todays post, I’ve outlined 26 themes that will get the job done.

1. ElegantEstate Real Estate WordPress Theme


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32 Photography Portfolio Themes

When displaying your photographs online it is always best to let the pictures speak for themselves.  Allow your images to take full precedence of the page is a common tactic used by designers. In this post I’ll share with you 32 photography portfolio themes that will display your photos in the best possible fashion.

1. Origin WordPress Theme


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31 Crazy Character Designs

Character designs can come in all sorts of crazy and zany styles, and sometimes they are just caricatures of the people around you. No matter what style you choose, it can be a lot of fun coming up with a character to represent your project. In the follow post, I will share with you 31 crazy character designs that will surely brighten your day.

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