47 Strikingly Creative Examples of Business Card Designs

There should be no question that branding is crucial to the success of any business. Instant logo recognition feels good and it helps build an audience around your product or service. A company business card would be useful when attending conferences, parties, or even happenstance meetings with old acquaintances.

But if you really wish to stand out from the other generic business card you’ll want to attempt some new ideas. Creativity and recognizable branding will produce one amazing piece you’ll be proud to share. This gallery includes a number of radiant business cards from all types of work. Check out some of these examples if you need inspiration for your own print design work.

Honey Colony

honey colony business card design orange

35 Virtual Business Card / Resume Website Themes

Virtual Business Cards, also referred to as vCards, generally provide the user with the information you might find on a potential clients business card, resume, or cover letter.  They also can provide examples of any previous work they may have completed. While these could still be considered portfolio websites, there is usually a subtle distinction between the two. On vCards, layouts generally outline information by a similar set of rules as a printed resume, while many generic portfolio layouts will exclude the finer details.  As you will notice by browsing the 35 themes I’ve outlined below, you may find an advantage in setting up your site in a similar style.

1. MyResume WordPress Theme


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