24 Clever and Unique Logo Designs

When it comes to logo design, subtle messages can be more creative than the most detailed of illustrations.  In today’s post, we are sharing with you 24 unique an inspiring logo designs.


Autentika Corporate Identity

Cocoa Stuff Identity

Corporate Brand Identity

Eaton Creative

Ecoelectrons Logo

FLEX Creative

Fluid Brand

For You!


Amazing Seven

Fast Top



Rockit Nightclub

Spiriti & Sapori

The Color Cure




Six Degrees

2014 Winter Olympics


United States Postal Service

Matthew Heidenreich

Currently an Art Director in St. Louis Missouri.

  • Nice collection! I really love these minimalist and clever logo designs. “Pencil” is a fine example, well thought out and executed.

  • Nice! My favorite is definitely “For You”. Great roundup.

  • Wow, the Color Cure logo is brilliant!

  • Great logos a nice small selection. Art Farm is definitely the best, however I love the pattern on 6 Degrees. It would be great to see a few more or if anyone could recommend any.

  • jawig

    freedom – so simple but yet so smart

  • amazing !!

  • Anjali Mandokhot

    Brilliant ideas….Freedom is best…..never thought that use of last m..

  • Awesome designs, so simple but work so well

  • Very nice logos.

    1. Flex creative & Idealogy logos are great I think.

    2. United States Postal Service – They are serving since 1775? They are very old into postal business 🙂

  • Beautiful collection there. Modern and sophisticated yet playful and eye-catchy at the same time. The elements of a perfect design

  • Fast top is my favorite amongst the complete collection! Great list

  • I loved marilips

  • These logo design collections are so good and every graphic designer can find more inspiration for make a latest logo.

  • Great Logos !! Thanks for post.

  • Great Collection. Well compiled.

  • FLEX and FLIUD are my preferite…nice collection. Some works are really ingenious!

  • very nice collection.

  • wow great design of logo i like your logo designing.very nice and beautiful

  • Fantastic compilation! Every single one is great!

  • All these logos are quite unique and conceptional, my pick is “Six Degrees”

  • nice ones…”freedom” is awesome by its siplycity versus idea…

  • Wow, decisions, decisions, all of them have their unique flare. I’d go with the Eaton Creative, Fluid Brand, and Pencil (I like working with odd numbers).

    Thanks for the post,

  • Wow….this all logos

  • These are great! 😀 Freedom is my favorite and so are the pencil based ones! But they’re all pretty nice 🙂

  • ras