40 Mobile Game App Website Layouts using Creative Designs

How many new Android + iOS mobile games are released each year? The user interfaces and graphics have been improving rapidly to create a large marketplace of mobile games. Marketing-savvy developers will usually create a personal website or webpage dedicated to information each new game release.

In this gallery you’ll find 40 brilliant examples of mobile smartphone game website layouts. Some are hosted on their own domain while others are subpages within a game studio’s website. But the design is always focused around the game itself, pushing curious visitors to look deeper into the features and maybe purchase a copy. If you’re looking for design ideas to build into your own mobile game website, this showcase has a lot of great concepts.

Angry Birds

angry birds mobile ios app website layout

One Epic Knight

one epic knight game mobile smartphone website layout

Infinity Blade

infinity blade mobile ios app game website


carcassonne iphone app website layout texture

Band Stars

band stars iphone mobile app website layout colorful musicians

Hipster CEO

hipster ceo mobile game app website layout

Kingdom Rush

mobile iphone website layout inspiration homepage kingdomrush


lume ios app game website layout

Run That Town

run that town mobile website layout inspiration

Dead Ahead

dead ahead zombies mobile ios game layout website


spell tower spelling ios ipad game mobile website layout


karateka 8bit classic mobile video game website

Plants vs Zombies

mobile ios game plants vs zombies website

Broken Sword

bs5 broken sword mobile game website layout


transistor mobile game app website layout bright

Fruit Ninja

fruit ninja website mobile app layout

Cannon Cat

blue sky background cannon cat iphone game website


terraria trees rpg video game mobile website layout

Run Roo Run!

run roo run

Ridiculous Fishing

ridiculous fishing mobile app video game website

Fog of World

fog of world website app mobile layout iphone ipad ios

Where’s My Mickey?

mickey mouse disney mobile app game website layout wheres


incredipede game mobile colorful illustration background website


machinarium amanita games mobile website layout

Bee Leader

bee leader project flightless inspiring design

Usagi Yojimbo

usagi yojimbo karate game inspiration website layout

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

theatrhythm final fantasy square enix iphone ipad mobile game website


red dark machines badland website layout inspiring homepage


osmos blue dark game website layout mobile

My Singing Monsters

my singing monsters website colorful iphone android game


poume pou mobile game smartphone website simple clean

Conquist II

conquist 2 mobile smartphone app game website layout

Ittle Dew

ittle dew mobile app game simple white layout design

Super Crate Box

super crate box homepage website layout


fieldrunners subatomic mobile app game website

Time Surfer

illustration website mobile app game layout time surfer


benjamin rivers horror adventure mobile game home website

Knightmare Tower

knightmare tower ios iphone mobile smartphone game website layout purple graphics

Bad Piggies

bad piggies mobile game website layout design

Tasty Tadpoles

textures colorful water tadpoles tasty ios mobile app game website

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