Assembly for iOS allows anyone to be a Designer

A cool iOS app named Assembly is taking the graphic design world by storm.

This offers a mobile-friendly way for average folks to create unique icons and symbols from nothing but shapes and effects. The app is only $2.99 in the app store and offers unlimited designs at your disposal.

The Assembly library contains a tremendous number of custom shapes and features. All you do is connect these together in order to create your vision from scratch.

Assembly assumes that most people using the app do not know much about design. This is why the app includes tips and auto-generation features like snapping to borders. Assembly can build dynamic fills, strokes, and shadows at your whim.

Once finished with your creation Assembly lets you export as a JPEG, PNG, or even an SVG object. You can share all files directly online or sync them to a cloud program like Dropbox.

Check it out live on the app store and follow new updates on Twitter @assembly_pixite.

Jake is a researcher and writer on many design & digital art websites. He frequently writes on topics including UX design, content marketing, and project management. You can find more work on his portfolio and follow his latest tweets @jakerocheleau.
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