Freshen up your Desktop with these Creative Wallpapers

Unlike your average computer user, those with a creative profession would enjoy looking at something other than a portrait of their family all day.  Having a wallpaper, or background, that stands out from the rest can give you a fresh perspective to help your imagination conjure up the idea you were looking for.  This is why I have created a collection of beautiful and creative wallpapers to freshen up your desktop.

Abstract Balooning

Aircraft Take off

Apple, Think Different

Apple Color shades

Beyond the Field

Checkered Desktop Wallpaper

Diagonal Smoke

Ether Reality Desktop


Flow Light


Before the Storm



Lazy Days


The Farmhouse

The Orion Nebula

Krull 2

Old Dirt Road

Olympus Eyes

Psdtuts Wallpaper

Seasons – Autumn

Seasons – Summer


Struckt Photo

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Matthew Heidenreich

Currently an Art Director in St. Louis Missouri.

  • Awesome Collection! I am constantly changing my desktop wallpaper, so it’s nice to find articles like this, highlighting some amazing work. I just downloaded cosmosition and it looks amazing as a wallpaper.

  • Awesome! Great collection. I’m the same as Dan (above), always changing my desktop. So, this is going to be fun. 🙂

  • @Dan

    That is currently my wallpaper as well and felt like I had to add it to the list. Glad you enjoy it.

  • i’ve been copy “Apple, think different” wallpaper, i’ll use it for my desktop wallpaper, thanks a lot.

  • nice collection of wallpapers…I like the olympus eyes a lot!

  • Really nice collection. i like all wallpapers

    keep doing Good work 🙂

  • Gold collection…Thanx.

  • That one of the jet…awesome, it’s my current bg now! Check out the collection of black desktop backgrounds at I posted some good ones there too. Nice post, thanks.

  • wonderfull.. i love the colour

  • nice collections….

  • Best collection 🙂 Thanks for sharing it

  • Wonderful wallpapers !

  • This is very amazing wallpapers !

  • Nice collection but when I click on link to Checkered Desktop Wallpaper my antivirus software “Avast!” detect a malewear and I refused to open other links.

  • Cheylea

    Don’t click on any wallpapers that link to “”!!!

    I tried to get a wallpaper on their page, and it almost gave me a high security risk virus!

  • Great list, I really love the Aircraft Take off… thanks!

  • @Cheylea & Angel

    That is odd that wallpaperstock is giving you that. I haven’t had any issues using them throughout the past few years.

  • Nice, I love those wallpapers about nature so much. Thanks!

  • nice collection. i like it

  • Wonderfull collection about desktop wallpapers.. really onceagain thanks for this site verymuch. i recommend to my friends. i will send the link of these desktop wallpapers..thanks for sharing

  • Amazing Collections…

  • Nice pictures here. I like photomanipulations, specialy nature and landcape pictures with some idea.

    The Art of Photo Manipulation: People –

  • Now these are wallpapers that I don’t mind coming home to on a Monday morning:) Especially love the aircraft taking off.

  • Woohha I’m loving some of these, they all look HD to? I have dual screen though!

  • Great image for visualization, especially the first one looks so nice…

  • Simply amazing collection!

  • another great wallpapers

  • Wow.. I take three wallpapers…
    Hope its no problem with you ?
    Hehe.. Thanks buddy 🙂

  • The designers work so hard investing a lot of time on this and it’s free… now that’s contribution 🙂 Thanks

  • wonderful article very helpful inded.

  • Great wallpapers… I loved lookin’ like the HDR photos…

  • Thanks, this collection is super helpful.

  • this collection is super helpful.

  • lamborghinidnx

    like these so much. thanks for designing and sharing