Showcase Of Creative & Smart Print Ads

In today’s world advertisement plays a very important role. For a product or company to be successful the advertisement must deliver a powerful message. In this roundup we are featuring some fresh and creative print advertisements. Enjoy!!

Pilates With Gerda: Belly Bag

Stabilo Boss: Highlighted, Maria Antonieta

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Robbery

GE X500 Camera: Wall

Biothymus F: Dye

Liberté: Pots, Maple

Robin Wood: Felled Tree

Só Ação Solidarity movement: Much more than trees, 3

Tefal Newpan: Small Small Talk

Natour: NYC

Natour: India

GearWrench: Pry Bar

Hotwheels: Baldy

Industrial Strange Clubwear: METH

LG: Time Machine

Musicians On Call: Lighter

Goldfish Awards: Hard sell

Cia Athletica: HOT-jerk

Coffee Inn: Forest Fairytale 2

Sab Miller High Life: Las Vegas

Sky Company Skydiving: Target, Statue

Sanofi Aventis: Tossing and Turning all night?

Zoo Cologne, Valentine’s Day: Knight of the Roses, Owl

Avanti! Chamber Orchestra: Respect your ears, Rabbit

Schweppes: Make a Cocktail, 2

Masterdog light: Free your dog, Hall

Fundacion Padre Hurtado: Drunk

Coffee Inn Coffee Houses: White & Black

Norconsult: Model society

Nilkamal Plastic Chairs: Jumbo act

Masterdog light: Free your dog, Beach

Rhold Insurance Brokerage: Don’t worry, we’ll take care, Baby

Yamaha Bank: Crypton Chart

Diadema City: Violence against women, Pink

Mortex: Cockroaches pretend to be dead

Associação da Luta Contra o Cancer (ALCC): Cat

Princesa: Saw

Found: Tricycle

Optagraf: A Clockwork Magenta

Fandango Libri: The book of dissent, Aung San Suu Kyi


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