Designer Showcase: Franz Jeitz of Fudgegraphics

Today we present the fourth addition of the Designer Showcase series, and this time Franz Jeitz of Fudgegraphics is featured. At Fudgegraphics Franz publishes a lot of great content, including freebies like Photoshop brushes (see his recent set of ink scribble brushes). As you will see below, Franz has some excellent wallpaper and poster designs in his portfolio, so hopefully it will be a source of inspiration for you.

Getting to Know Franz:

I was born and raised in Luxembourg City, capital of Luxembourg in the heart of Europe. I’ve been studying for 4 years in London and feel more attached to it creatively.

Design experience:
I don’t have any to be honest. One might say that I’m a late bloomer when it comes to design since I only seriously started about a year ago. I used to play in a band in Luxembourg and was in charge of all things design from CD package to website design. This is how I discovered my passion for it and I learned myself Photoshop and illustrator by following online tutorials and through books. From there on it was an organic process or acquiring new skills and constantly trying to improve. About a year ago I started taking on projects, mainly for friends.

Educational background:
As mentioned I do not have any design educational background. Although I enjoyed art class in college I went for the Science and Mathematics route. Currently I am doing my Master in Physics, but I intend to work in the design industry after that.

Availability for client work:
At the moment I am busy working for uni, but I’ll finish mid May which is when I’m available for freelance work. I do however accept work already since I have a long Easter break and will only be unavailable for 3 weeks or so during exam period.

Areas of specialization or focus:
While I’ve done mainly webdesign lately I’d love to do more print jobs. I’m very interested in all designs related to music such as CD covers, merchandise and posters. Luckily I managed to set foot in the London Folk Scene and will try to further establish myself there.

What is your best advice for other designers who are looking to improve their skills?
I think this has been said over and over again, but it’s still valid. Keep trying! There are so many tutorials online and published in design magazine which will help you to improve your skills. For beginners it is always a good starting point to emulate the art of your favourite designers. A technique I often use and which I recommend to intermediate/advanced designers is to read tutorials once and try to reproduce the effects after a day or two. Embrace your errors. Many designs originate in “lucky mistakes”.

Franz’s Work:

You can also see Franz’s work at Fudgegraphics.

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