Designer Showcase: Grant Friedman

This is the first post in a new series that we’ll be trying here on We’ll be showcasing individual designers and some specific pieces from their portfolio. The intent is to provide exposure for the designers, provide inspiration for readers, and to help everyone get connected.

The showcase posts will include some basic information on the designer, but rather than having a full interview, the focus will be on their work. At the end you’ll find places to connect with the designer online. Hopefully this is a good networking resource for anyone who is looking to build stronger connections with other designers.

The first designer being showcased is Grant Friedman of Colorburned.

Grant Friedman


Louisville, KY USA

Design experience:
9 – 10 years

Educational background:
I “studied” quite a bit in college.  I started out as a political science major, then I went on to computer science, graphic and web design, advertising before finally settling on telecommunications as my major.  I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a B.S. of Telecommunications.

Current availability for client work:
I’m currently available for client work.

Specialties or areas of focus:
It would be tough to narrow down my favorite design discipline. To be honest, I like it all.

Light Burst


Glass Flower



The Salute

The Key


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