Well Designed Threaded Comments Sections in Webpages

Comments are an important part to any website community. Within the comments section visitors of your website may share their ideas, thoughts, and related links on topic with your content. It’s revolutionized the web 2.0 era!

Today we take comments as often commonplace wherever we go. Most blogs will include this feature by default. This also includes many of the popular open source projects such as WordPress, MovableType, Blogger, and others. And although many of these are semi-closed off the most popular systems allow for customizations.

This is where threaded comments have begun. Including threads within the conversations allows for branching topics and more direct responses. Below I’ve gathered a hefty collection of threaded comment designs for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to leave your own comments as well if anything strikes your eye!

Jake Rocheleau

Jake is a digital researcher and writer on many popular design magazines. He frequently writes on topics including web design, user experience, mobile apps, and project management. You can find him all throughout Google and tweeting @jakerocheleau. Connect with Jake on google+

3 thoughts on “Well Designed Threaded Comments Sections in Webpages”

  1. Some of these show no visual indication of being threaded (Snook, Design Mag, Spryre) and some are very basic in their styling indeed.

    Out of curiousity, what makes the designs you’ve chosen actually worthy of being listed as examples


  2. I always love seeing the attention to details some websites take to get everything correct and perfect for their visitors. I need to take some tips and complete my comments and search pages. But this is a great list and I’ve come across many of these while searching online.


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