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There are many reasons that make the online shopping popular. Firstly customers get things at a cheaper price online than what they get offline mainly because the seller doesn’t have to rent a large space for his “real” shop, doesn’t have to spend money on air conditioners, electricity bills, decorations, etc. Secondly, customers can surf through unlimited stores just through a click of a button by relaxing in the comfort of their drawing rooms. Then they can compare prices; get orders delivered straight to their doorsteps; send gifts to their friends at their addresses and so on and so forth.

So let’s say you wish to start an online store but you are researching for the tools and services you require. We recommend that you go for IzzoNet.

IzzoNet provides you quality ecommerce hosting solutions.

The most important reason that we recommend IzzoNet is the company’s customer support functionality. IzzoNet will provide you with a personal ecommerce expert, somewhat like a private tutor, who will guide you through your store creation and management processes. This means he won’t only help you in creating your online store but will also help you in running a successful online business.


The methods involved in creating a store are simple. First of all you will have to create a free 15 days’ trial account by filling in a small form which takes only a minute. Then there are seven easy and simple steps to follow as discussed below:

1) Choose a theme for your store.

2) Add your own content.

3) Add your products. You may add electronic files like audios, videos, ebooks, etc. Or you may add images of real products like shoes, clothing, etc. Your customers will add these things to their shopping cart before making a purchase.

4) Add the payment options you will want enabled on your store like PayPal, MasterCard, etc.

5) Add any taxes that may be necessary.

6) Buy a brand new domain name or add the IzzoNet store to your existing domain.

7) Launch your store.

IzzoNet offers many awesome marketing tools. I’ve discussed some of them below.

Integration with eBay

Suppose you are selling your products on both an IzzoNet store and on eBay. IzzoNet saves you the hassle of managing two dashboards on two websites. You can integrate your two stores and as a consequence can manage your eBay store with your IzzoNet account.


SMS marketing

Mobile phones are more common than laptops. A mobile phone may not have an Internet connection enabled and hence no email checking functionality but every mobile has the capability of receiving text messages via SMS. IzzoNet allows you to send SMS’s to your customers informing them about your offer. This widens the number of people you can reach as an SMS has a much greater chance to be read than a tweet or a Facebook status update.


Multi Language Store

One of the greatest advantages that Internet offers to people is that it is a global phenomenon. People from any country or location can surf through any online material. But herein lies a problem. Suppose you create a store and write all the content in the English language. But suppose an Irani person who is really interested in a product of yours visits your store and he knows only Persian. If he can’t read and understand what you have to offer he will leave your store, even when you had what he was looking for. IzzoNet eliminates this difficulty by offering a multi language store. The software understands from which part of the world a person is visiting your store and will set the language accordingly so that your store can become truly global.

Comparison shopping engines

Suppose you have just started out with an online store and are not getting enough traffic in the initial weeks. No problem. With IzzoNet you can get 250 million potential buyers to view your store. This is achieved by creating feeds in powerful comparison shopping engines. With just a click of a button you can have your store appear in seventeen comparison engine sites which includes Amazon and eBay. People visiting such websites are usually looking for products to buy and that is exactly the type of traffic you need.

Live chat

How supportive it is when you are surfing through a website and not understanding things and you click on the “Live Chat” button and a customer care executive immediately solves all your problems? Very much, right? You can have this feature installed on your online store where you or your employee will solve all your customers’ problems on the spot via live chat.

Have you tried IzzoNet before? Have you tried any other online shopping store? What was your experience? Do you have anything worthwhile to add to this article? Let me know in the comments below.

Cale White is a staff writer for the DesignMag Network.

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