Where To Host Your Website: The Top 10 Companies

Web hosting is one of the most important aspect of an online business whether it is a small personal blog or a huge social media website. It doesn’t matter if you have a gorgeous web page if your server keeps crashing. For a visitor there is nothing worse than trying to access a website that is offline. In the end, your newest song, article, movie clip or anything else you hope will make your website popular doesn’t matter if you cannot show it to your visitors. Therefore, you should be really careful when you choose who will host your site. In this article we will give you the top 10 best web hosting solutions for 2013.


1. knownhost

Beyond Freelance Web Design: What to Know Before You Grow


Your web design business is doing well. So well, in fact, that you’ve regularly been hiring subcontractors to help you with your work.

You’re thinking of moving beyond freelancing. You’re seriously considering becoming a full-fledged web design agency. Should you do it?

At first glance, starting your own agency may sound wonderful. If you do it, you can be proud that you’ve built something from the ground up and that you are able to give others a start in the industry. Owning an agency may also provide you with a chance to earn more money.

Naturally, there are quite a few differences between running an agency and freelancing. In this post, I’ll outline some of them. If you’ve made the transition from freelancing to running a web design agency, or are thinking of doing so, you’re invited to share your thoughts and comments at the end of this post.

An Updated Guide to Buying Stock Images –Top 10 Agencies

Settling for the best source of royalty free images and media files may prove to be tricky if you’re not aware of all the available options. So if you’re a web designer, a blogger, or a writer for an online magazine, here’s a fresh list of the best stock agencies to help you make an informed decision.




8 Things Web Designers Need to Know Before Using Guest Posting to Promote Their Side Business

Blog target
Like many web designers, you may have a side business designed to earn extra income. You may sell WordPress themes, you may have an app for sale, or your side project may be something else.

Whatever your side project is, you need to develop a marketing strategy interested in your product or service. We’ve already discussed the pros and cons of giving away freebies as a marketing strategy. But giveaways aren’t the only marketing strategy you should consider.

Submitting guest posts to multiple blogs is another popular marketing strategy that many web designers use to promote their side projects. However, as with promotional giveaways, the playing field for guest posting has changed in recent years.

In this post, I’ll discuss some of the changes you need to be aware of if you’re thinking of using guest posting as a marketing strategy.

A Freelance Web Designer’s Guide to Offering Freebies to Generate Leads


Many experts and gurus recommend giving away a product or service to attract leads. Offering freebies is a marketing strategy that has really taken off to the point where most of us are now inundated with free offers. In fact, not a day goes by when I don’t find a free offer in my email inbox or through a popup window on a site I’m visiting.

I used to get really excited about free offers, but now that it seems like everyone is giving something away it’s gotten so that I mostly just ignore over 90% of the free offers that I run across. Free doesn’t mean as much as it used to.

Many web designers have jumped on board the giveaway bandwagon. This is especially true for those designers who have a side gig that involves selling WordPress themes or apps.

In this post, I’ll examine the strategy of using free offers to attract business. We’ll look at what works, what doesn’t work, and I’ll explain how you can make sure that your free offer reaches your target audience.

A Savvy Tool for Brand Files

I love the feeling of finding something that makes my job so much easier and more enjoyable in ways that were previously unthought of. That’s why I felt like a winner after a lengthy internet “treasure hunt” for some new methods to simplify how I handle and share my graphic images for various projects. This is the story of how I found a great solution with Smartimage.


Intuitive options and a quick organizing process

Step one was creating an account. I honestly thought it would take awhile, but in a matter of seconds I had created an account with a custom URL. The user interface struck me as simple and friendly, but what really made me feel welcome was the sample collection walkthrough that gave me the whole picture of Smartimage’s basic functionality in a matter of five clicks, and then I was able to delete it to start on creating my own. I started by dragging and dropping files for my collection into the upload window. There was a wide range of accepted formats, like AI, EPS, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, GIF, and PDF files, so I had no trouble uploading the files I needed. Smartimage automatically optimized them for download through conversion to popular PNG and JPEG formats, and sorted my content into default sections, like Images, Logos, and Videos. I’m even thinking of customizing a distinct section for Photographs, and another for Brand Guidelines that draws on project-specific requirements in terms of style and colors.

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What Web Designers Need to Know About Social Media Influence


What does influence mean in the context of freelancing and design? For web designers and other freelancers, the term influence is most often used to refer to social media influence. Influence refers to the ability of a person (such as a web designer) to persuade others to take a particular action or to feel a particular way.

Imagine being able to guide a large number of people to a goal of your own choosing–for example, purchasing your web design services. Would that be beneficial to your web design business?

You bet it would. The benefits of influence for any business or organization are great and that’s why social influence has been the topic of a number of recent studies, articles and even books. There have even been a number of tools developed to measure social media influence.

Is social media influence important for web designers? What should a web designer know about social media? Let’s find out.

Move Website Hosting: The Story of My Recent Move to MediaTemple.

The idea of moving your website can be pretty daunting these days. I dread the entire process. Here are some of the thoughts running through my head. What if I miss something? What if I fail to get it running correctly? What if I cancel my old hosting and failed to remember that there were a stash of secret files I never backed up!? What if the new system is slow? What if the data migration takes 10 days instead of 2 hours? These are the kinds of ideas going through my head when I consider changing hosting. This is my business and I’m nervous about disrupting the server environment.

Recently I was at a dinner in Austin Texas hosted by my friends over at BuySellAds. There were 10 total people there and 2 of them were a couple of guys from MediaTemple. I had actually never used their service although I heard good things over the years. Hosting talk is a bit boring to me so we never really got into the ins and outs of what I needed etc but they did give me a good picture of how broad their offering was. They seemed to have a good solution for just about any kind of hosting scenario I would need. While at dinner I explained to Mark (one of the MT guys) that the thought of moving my network of design sites was a bit daunting and that I was not looking forward to it although I felt it was about time to move on. He asked me a few questions and then mentioned that they had a service that does the move for you. I left the conversation and tucked the information away for a later time.

Heading into the summer I started feeling like it was time to make a move. I wanted the sites to run faster. I was having some trouble with server connectivity error logs that my devs could not explain. I was ready to take a serious look at what other hosts had to offer. I spent some time reviewing several of the larger players in the space. There were lots of options to choose from and at times it was difficult to know how to compare hosts to each other. I finally decided that I wanted to host the sites with MediaTemple. All the hosts I reviewed seemed very similar to one another. It seemed I really could not go wrong on the surface. However, the thing that stood out about MT was a service they have called Move. For $150 the MT CloudTech team will move any site anywhere to MT hosting. They have a simple lead form where you enter a few lines of information.